Poison Ivy Relief with Pine Tar Salve and Pine Tar Soap

Poison Ivy Relief with Pine Tar Salve and Pine Tar Soap

Stacy wrote to me asking;

Any suggestions for one of your products to help relieve poison ivy itchiness?

Thanks for asking Stacy!  I know the pain and irritation of Poison Ivy!

You could try my Pine Tar Salve.

Pine Tar is a traditional treatment for poison ivy. I also add some other helpful ingredients for itchy skin including Neem and herbal infusion. Check out the listing for why these ingredients are good. According to my customers, my pine tar salve has been helping their hard to treat itchy skin conditions.


Keep in mind though that the Pine Tar Salve is black and could stain. Also, it has a strong smell of pine that some people like and others don’t.

You Could Try My Pine Tar Soap

Also, I have Pine Tar Soap, which -although isn’t as strong – is good for wide spread issues, scalp itchiness, will sooth skin and will also stop the poison Ivy from spreading.

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