Alum Safe?

Is Alum safe?

It is very good to question the ingredients and Alum’s safety is a concern. First a few bits of information:

  • Alum is also referred to as Potassium alum, potash alum, or potassium aluminum sulfate.
  • It is different from Aluminum chloride and aluminum zirconium in that it is not an antiperspirant and its purpose is antibacterial and not to enter pores and expand when wet to block perspiration.
  • It occurs naturally where the aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants are not.
  • It is used for many things including in pickling, in baking powder, as an antiseptic and an astringent. It is often the only ingredient in a Deodorant Crystal.
  • Aluminum is the second most abundant metallic element on earth next to silicon.
  • It is used in both ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

However none of the above means it is necessarily safe. There is some controversy over Alum salts being safe. It is my understanding that the aluminum I use is not normally absorbed into skin but does act as an excellent antibacterial agent. I tried for over a year coming up with a combo of other high alkaline minerals and found when I added just a bit of alum, it did the trick for mild to moderate body odor without making people rashy.

I chose to add Alum in my roll-on mineral deodorant for the following reason:

  • It is very effective at fighting odor
  • It has an ancient history of being used as a deodorant.
  • Given the small amount I use and the size of the particles, it seems unlikely that much, if any, is absorbed into the body through the skin.
  • It is so much better than using a commercial antiperspirant.

Keep in mind, that I am not someone who preaches a 100% chemical free, preservative free, etc lifestyle. I am a moderate when it comes to using chemicals. I try to use as few of them as I can without making my life too uncomfortable.

If you want to avoid Alum and you aren’t sensitive to Baking Soda  deodorant or you don’t know if you are, may I suggest trying a sample of my lotion deo?  Here is a link:

I hope this helps!

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