Under Arm Darkening

Under Arm Darkening

Christina wrote and said:

Hi I do want to tell you that first off I really do love the products I purchased from you. Especially the deodorant.. BUT I am noticing that it is causing darkening of my skin obviously my underarms. What I do is I’ll just skip a couple days of deodorant all together since your formula has done something where I don’t need to all the time. After skipping the darkening goes away. Has anyone else had this issue? Any recommendations?

Thanks so much for reaching out and asking about this.

Actually, I had that issue early on. I’ve been using my deodorant for more than 5 years. Since I wasn’t planning on selling it then, I didn’t really pay close attention. But when you mention it, I remember my skin was darker and rougher (and occasionally itchy) for awhile.

I didn’t pay close attention at the time because the benefit of finally not smelling was so amazing to me that I thought it was worth it.

Also, in my case when using regular deo ( I had to wear at least two) my underarms were usually caked with whtle bits or smeared with white that collected in creases. Not to mention my shirts staining under my arms. I was personally happy to trade these side effects with darkening under the skin. That said, the darkened skin didn’t last. I wish I could remember how long it took for my skin to adjust but I can’t.

I know you aren’t alone but it hasn’t been a major complaint either… in fact, one woman said it lightened her skin. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening to many people, they may just imaganie it’s just them.

Therefore, I will post something on my website and keep my eyes out for info on this side effect of baking soda deodorant (as I am pretty certain it is the baking soda causing the reaction).

Thanks for the heads up. I think it’s important to share information, especially stuff we don’t often talk about in casual conversation.

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