Baking Soda Rash Due to High Skin Alkalinity?

Baking Soda Rash Due to High Skin Alkalinity?

It’s just a theory but, I think your ability to tolerate a baking soda-based deodorants is related to how acid your skin is.  The “acid barrier” we all create is good at protecting us from some bacteria and germs and unwanted parasites. However some bacteria like the acid or are acidic like  Corynebacterium and  Staphylococcus epidermidis and these cause what we recognize as body odor. So, when we apply a alkaline substance under our arms we either prevent or thwart the  bacteria from emitting smells.

Given that each of us is different, some of us are more acidic then others, no matter what we do.  So, some of us are more smelly then others, no matter how many times we bathe or what we eat. However, this doesn’t mean our skin is exactly the same ph level all the time. Our ph level must fluctuate with diet, lifestyle, environment, stress etc. too.

So, I theorize that someone who can normally tolerate my deodorant or another sodium bicarbonate-based deodorant might beocme intolerant occassionally. In fact, as I will tell anyone who will listen, in the 5 years I’ve used it, I’ve probably rashed maybe 4 times. One time the skin under my arms got leathery.

Cindi Pearse on eHow writes that

Eating a lot of alkaline foods, such as vegetables, roots, tubers, nuts and fruits, increases the pH of the blood as well as increases the secretion of alkali.

This would mean your sweat would become more alkaline. This is not a bad thing, in fact, as long as it doesn’t get too alkaline (see footnote below for symptoms of this), which in healthy people is unlikely, it’s perfectly fine. My bet is, your body odor is less too and a milder deodorant would work better. ( But don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you (or someone you know) is smelly is evidence of a bad diet.

I suggest trying a non-baking soda-based deodorant if you rash with my regular deodorant -and yes I sell a great Mineral Deodorant for that if you’d like to try it. When or if you find that this non baking soda deodorant stops working switch back to the baking soda deodorant. Use as little as possible or dilute with aloe gel – if you aren’t allergic to aloe which some people are.

Please note that other reasons you might suddenly start rashing include:

  • Putting on too much of Body Brew Deodorant.
  • Reapplying the doeodrant in between showers,
  • Abrasive clothing
  • Heat Rash
  • Allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient like the hemp oil or the essential oils. See here.

Please share with me your experiences so we can maybe figure this out and offer solutions to others.  Thank you!

*Too alkaline (probably due to some extraordinary issue occurring to the body like gastric drainage, impaired kidney function, use of steroids or diuretics or hyperventilation.) includes symptoms of  hyper excitability, muscle spasms, cramps and irritability.

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