Boils Under the Arms

Boils Under the Arms

Lisa writes:

Hi! I ordered your product and really wanted to love it. The first week after using it I love the coverage however I began to get pain in one of my armpits. The pain got progressively worse unfortunately until I noticed I had huge zit like things. No joke after a few days they got so big my husband (a nurse) said they really looked like boils. Woah- what was up with me I don’t know. I don’t have sensitive skin but this reaction was awful!

I wrote back:

Rashes are pretty common in baking soda deodorants. Boils however, are not something I’ve heard of… In fact, as your husband no doubt knows, boils are staphylococcus infections and can actually be caught. Usually infecting skin through a cut or hair follicle. They do often occur under the arms.

(Many people do suffer from boil like symptoms and rashes from a disorder caused by the aluminum in antiperspirants)

If they were/are boils, A few things could have happened, the baking soda may have irritated your skin enough to allow you to contract an infection. Or, the deo caused an underlying condition to “come to a head” – pardon the pun.

I am not a medically trained person, I’ve just read that some people recommend many of the ingredients in my deodorant (baking soda, tea tree, neem, aloe vera) to “draw-out” a boil.

After you have completely healed, you might consider trying again, cautiously! I am not a nurse or scientist but I have started to believe that most people who don’t rash right away can figure out a way to continue to use the deodorant without rashing. I’ve written a lot about rashing on my website but it seems to me most people’s skin that rashes after a week or so when using a baking soda product can train their skin to be okay with it as long as they don’t push it too far too fast for their skin’s tolerance. ( I am less optimistic about people who rash immediately.)

Oh, and in your case, I’ll mention I’ve heard often about a detoxifying period of using a natural deodorant. I haven’t believed the concept at all. I’ve always thought it was complete hogwash… however so many people have mentioned it that there may be a very small minority that it is actually true for. Like you? It’s a LONG SHOT. Could detoxifying result in boils? I don’t know.

If you do decide to try again after completely healing, PLEASE let me know what you tried and how it went. Also read my info on rashing on my site:

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