Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Making Apple Cider Vinegar is pretty easy. It can be made from apple scraps, whole apples cut into pieces, or even from unpasteurized cider (which you can make yourself). When using apples, you will be filling sugared water into glass jars that have been filled […]

Kill those Green Caterpillers with Neem

I like to have mint. Okay, I admit it, I dream of being able to mix up a Mint Julip whenever I want. Problem is, the green caterpillers here in San Diego, decimate my mint within a few days. ¬†! tablespoon Neem Oil, a liter […]

Clean the Floor with Coconut Husk

I make my own products and use a lot of oils. Which means I spill a lot of oils. On the floor. ¬†Oils are a big challenge for me to clean. I don’t want to put them down the drain of course but if I […]

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