Spirolina is a single celled organism that grows in warm water that is high in alkaline. It is bright blue green and it is referred to as blue green algae sometimes.  It isn’t really an algae, scientifically speaking. The Aztecs used it as a food […]

Carotenoid Rich Sea BuckThorn Oil

Tibetans have been using Sea Buckthorn Oil for centuries for health and the treatment of illness. I had heard that the Russians had used Sea Buckthorn oil  to treat Chernobyl radiation exposure which I didn’t think much about ether way until one of my clients […]

Allergic to Sulfites? Allergic to Sulfur?

I just made an awesome Sulfur and Spirolina Soap because I’ve had several people request a sulfur soap, including a dermatologist for her patients. A woman came into my store today asking about products for Ezcema. Well, I told her about African Black Soap and […]


About AMODIMETHICONE According to Amodimethicone is a modified silicone polymer. Silicones are polymers that include silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sometimes other elements. In general, silicones are great for many uses because they: don’t conduct heat they don’t tend to react to […]

How Bad Antiperspirant is?

When selling my natural deodorants, people often expect me to lecture them on how bad antiperspirant is for you. I can tell I disappoint them when I don’t launch into claims about how  commercially made antiperspirant causes breast cancer and the Aluminum Zirconium causes Alzheimer Disease. I […]


Turmeric and Dogs

I added Turmeric to my Dog Salve for Hot Spots because 1) It is said to help many skin conditions 2) According to several sources, Turmeric seems safe for dogs to ingest (which is important with any salve you put on your pets, no matter […]

Seabuckthorn and Internal use in dogs

Here is another interesting study on the usefulness of Seabuckthorn and Dogs that found that dogs with gasstric ulcers healed when treated with seabuckthorn in 7 and a half days, while those treated with famotidine were healed in 8 and a quarter days.

Seabuckthorn and Dogs Study

I found this Seabuckthorn and Dogs Study very interesting and wanted to make sure others could find it. Seabuckthorn, a resource for soft tissue repair in animals A.C. Varshney1and S.P. Tyagi2 1Professor and Head, 2Assistant Professor Department of Surgery and Radiology, College of Veterinary and […]

Kill those Green Caterpillers with Neem

I like to have mint. Okay, I admit it, I dream of being able to mix up a Mint Julip whenever I want. Problem is, the green caterpillers here in San Diego, decimate my mint within a few days.  ! tablespoon Neem Oil, a liter […]