Ingredients to Avoid

How Bad Antiperspirant is?

How Bad Antiperspirant is?

When selling my natural deodorants, people often expect me to lecture them on how bad antiperspirant is for you. I can tell I disappoint them when I don’t launch into claims about how  commercially made antiperspirant causes breast cancer and the Aluminum Zirconium causes Alzheimer Disease. I […]

Pregnancy and Essential Oils and Herbs

Here is a list of herbs I’ve compiled from other sites that suggest herbs to avoid while pregnant Angelica Used as an emmenagogue, meaning used to stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus; and menstruation. Common emmenagogues include  mugwort, parsley, chamomile and ginger […]

Potentially Bad Ingredients Cheat Sheet

I made this cheat sheet up for myself and thought I should share it. Product Name Why they are added Negative Possibilities 1 Negative Possibilities 2 Negative Possibilities 3 Negative Possibilities 4 Negative Possibilities 5 Butylated Hydroxyanisole preservative banned in European union as probable carcinogen […]

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