Kill those Green Caterpillers with Neem

I like to have mint. Okay, I admit it, I dream of being able to mix up a Mint Julip whenever I want. Problem is, the green caterpillers here in San Diego, decimate my mint within a few days.  ! tablespoon Neem Oil, a liter […]

Neem and Peelu

Neem and Peelu

Chewing sticks common in India and the Middle East showed good antibacterial properties against common bacteria found in mouth, according to a recent study I found in  The study was done in India by the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. The published research […]

NEEM: Green Gold

It is certainly understandable why Neem is referred to as Green Gold and why it is a sacred tree in India cultivated anywhere it will grown.  You will find this tree near almost all Indian familyhomes and growing in a place of honor in the […]

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