Aug 202015

The Flower Garden Natural Deodorant has a light smell and has a hint of flower but nothing is too strong like I imagine a flower garden might smell on a morning day. The deo has essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Benzoin (sort of like baby powder smell), Peru Balsam (Vanilla smell), Palmrosa (a rose-like smell), Rosewood,, Petitgrain (another rose-like smell), Clementine, Oregano, and Rose Absolute and a hint of jasmine and ylang ylang. I tried to balance the sweet smells with the tang of citrus and the herbal smells of Lavender and Rosemary. Benzoin works to hold the smells together.

Aug 092014

My first customer Chris wrote me this review:

“The best antiperspirant and deodorant ever! I haven’t been able to find any natural deodorant that
works and doesn’t make me glands swell up, this is so much better than antiperspirant. My wife keeps smelling my pits and saying ‘Yup, still working!’ Thank you!!!

The truth is, my regular lotion deodorant is not an antiperspirant, at least not the kind sold in stores.  Chris and other customer have told me the noticed a marked decrease in sweating when using Ziryab’s Body Brew Deodorant. I too noticed this but it might be a factor of a changing body for me. How-Antiperspirants-work
As you may know, antiperspirant works by using a chemical that expands in your pores when it gets wet and blocks sweat glands so the sweat can’t come out.

I am not aware of any ability of the ingredients in my deodorant to do this.

There is a possibility that once allowed to sweat without blockage, our sweat decreases. But this sounds a little far fetched to me even though I’ve noticed the result.

There is only a few other ways to deal with sweating that I know about.

  1. Constrict the pores with an astringent like witch hazel which I include in my deodorant.
  2. Increase evaporation on skin to cool faster with alcohol
  3. Use something that will absorb sweat like clay, tapioca, baking soda (I use all three) and
  4. Maybe use menthol to cool (I use peppermint essential oil) but I’m not sure this is not just a sensation or it really would stop one from perspiring a bit.

So while my deo does have some wetness protection it isn’t nearly as strong as such things as aluminum chlorohydrate in commercial antiperspirants.


Jun 042013

When you put something on your skin, it should feel and smell like a gift to yourself.

All through the longest and hardest day, the way you smell brings you pleasure.

No perfumes with their chemicals and alcohols can match healing and fresh smell of healthy and natural oils of herbs and plants processed with simple water and steam.

There are hundreds of herbs and natural products that fight bad odors from around the world. Brenda Leigh Company has created a product with two things in mind, create a product that makes you smell really good all day long and that is mild and good for your skin. However, each person is different, so talk to us and we’ll try to make a product that works for you.

Ziryab’s Body Brew Deodorant was developed by me for my own personal use. Before making my  own deodorant, I was a bit obsessive about deodorant. I’d put on two different commercial brands of anti-perspirant/deodorant on after my shower and would always carry anter brand in my purse.

Even so, I would NEVER feel comfortable wearing the same blouse an entire day. Even if I didn’t actually smell of body odor, I would smell the nasty stale smell of “old deodorant” which I hate. Polyester clothes were the worst because they could never get fully clean. I also never wore white because of the staining under my arms.

I would often bring a second top with me to change into just in case I wanted to go somewhere after work. If I didn’t, it was difficult to be comfortable let alone feel confident or beautiful. There were times I even resorted to taking my blouse off, washing it in a sink and drying it in the bathroom hand dryer.

That all stopped the minute I made my own.  I did some research; tried some things and I had a product that worked better than any other deodorant I’d ever purchased, commercial or natural.

Some people will find the way you apply Ziryab’s all natural deodorant a little different, which is funny because it is the most natural way to do it. Pour a little bit in your hand and rub under arms. The reason we stopped doing this most natural gesture is because commercial deodorants are so full of such horrible feeling stuff that we don’t want it anywhere on our bodies but under are arms, especially not our hands.  Why we think it is okay to put something we don’t want to touch onto a sensitive and gland rich area is beyond me. Just another way our association with commercialism and industry has gotten us away from ourselves.

Ziryab’s all natural body brew deodorant is so full of good ingredients; you can practically rub it anywhere you want to smell good. If I told you the way I use my deodorant, you’d think I was touting snake oil, so I won’t

With the availability of practically every chemical you could need to makle your own deodorants, we could use harsh chemical but we don’t because we don’t need. To.

You’ll love the way you smell all day long.

Purchase Here:

Jun 042013

A woman asked me the following question:

Is it completely non-toxic? I’m so impressed with how well it works! It’s amazing!

Brenda: I’m amazed too really, I don’t know why I can make such an effective deodorant for me and the commercial brands don’t.

I have a few theories though:

1) Some people might develop a rash using any product on the skin containing baking soda.  Baking Soda has a high alkaline level and odor causing bacteria thrive in acidity. Unfortunately, some people’s skin is sensitive to high alkaline levels.Other  people are sensitive to baking soda sometimes but not all the time.  One of my clients suddenly became sensitive to the deodorant and we were both mystified why. One possibility is she recently been doing things to lower the acidity in her body and raise the alkaline.  We’re wondering if the change in her internal PH has changed her ability to put Baking soda on her body.  We’re not sure but we continue to explore ideas. Anyway, I suspect corporations need a product to work for almost everyone and certainly don’t want the headache of some of their clients developing rashes. Therefore, they’ve chosen to not pursue baking soda as a main ingredient to their deodorants.  I guess one of the advantages of a small handmade product is that handcrafters can try to respond to individual needs. It is also why Igive out samples to people who come by the booth and why I am willing to take returns (although if it has been shipped, I would be happier to give a 90% refund and have you give it to someone else).

2) Another possible reason my deodorant works better than commercial brands may lie in the application method.  Because of the texture and feel of most commercially produced antiperspirants (it’s awful, dry and tacky and won’t come off), the deodorant industry had to come up with ways the consumer didn’t have to touch it, hence the sprays, sticks and gels. Since my deodorant feels good to touch and isn’t bad for your hands (may actually be good with coconut, avocado and hemp oils) , it never occurred to me that one would need to apply it with anything other than hands.   This may have been one of the secrects of its efficacy, since my deodorant doesn’t need ingredients that make it thinner (for a spray), hard (for a solid) or gel like, all the ingredients in my deodorant are there to fight odor. Thuis included the essential oils I chose which are both antibacterials and fragrance.

3) For the cynical, there is yet another explanation some people have offered to me, that the ingredients in commercial deodorants are about cost savings and convenience for the corporations.

  • The chemicals extend shelf-life (indefinitely?)
  • The chemicals are cheaper to procure and, some have suggested) are even sometimes by-products of other products the corporation makes.
  • The corporations believe that they could not convince consumers to use products that have a few shortcoming in comparision to commercial brands (for instance oil separating)\

Click here to see my deodorant’s ingredients.

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