Feb 132017

Eden Energy Medicine Sells Ziryab’s Natural Deodorant 

Kim Romska’s Energy Strengthening and Balancing practice inside Evolve Chiropractic Boutique is now selling Ziryab’s Natural Deodorant 

Kim Romska offers one on one sessions as well as classes inside Reno’s Evolve Chiropractic, She helps people balance and strengthen their energies for Vibrant Health and Radiant Joy! Kim works with her clients on meridians, radiant circuits, deep electrical connections, the 5 elements, the aura, the chakras and so much more. Her clients feel refreshed and energized after a session and are given the knowledge and tools to continue the energizing and healing work at home in a 5 minute daily practice.

Evolve Chiropractic
24 Winter St.
Reno NV 89503

Jul 202014

There are several San Diego shops selling my deodorant  on a trial basis. Please call them to make sure they have what you want in stock before heading over there.

Bottles of Ziryab Deodorant waiting to be refilled at Blue Dot Refill shipBlue Dot Refill
Wholesale and Supply

4799 Voltaire St. in Ocean beach directly beside Peoples


This awesome little shop is taking San Diego by storm. Blue Dot Refill is a place in San Diego where you can find really healthy and natural body, beauty and household products. Here they want you to BYOB — bring your own bottle — and help the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling.

I originally was going to sell my deodorant in recycled beer bottles, hence the name, body brew, but it turned out to be too impractical for me. Still, you can always bring  clean beer bottle down to Blue Dot and get it filled. You may need a to find a cork though….

Living Tea Brewery and Market

Living Tea Exterior Oceanside302 Wisconsin Ave., Oceanside, California  92054

This wonderful new shop brews their own 100% Raw & Organic Kombucha. Not only are the owners and employees awesome, they carry a lot of my products!

9 Living Tea Flavors ON-TAP!
Located just 3 blocks from the beach on Wisconsin Avenue. Living Tea Brewery & Market offers 9 unique flavors of Living Tea ON-TAP, as well as, Organic and Fair-Trade Tea, Sugar, Raw Revelations Superfoods, Zir Yab’s Personal Care Products, Wild Bill’s Gluten-Free Quinoa muffins & collodial silver, handmade sunscreen, non-GMO popcorn and other local farmers’ market items!
Open 10am-6pm Daily

MJ’s Cyclery

MJ Bike Shop in North Park SellsZiryab's Natural Deodorant3841 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92103

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am-5pm

Located on the border of two of San Diego’s greatest neighborhoods Hillcrest and North Park (On Park Blvd. at the intersection of University Avenue).

You’ve got to visit this shop. It’s right beside the famous or infamous Crypt so you might miss it if you are distracted by sexually suggestive leatherwear but mosey on in and talk to either owner.  Very worth a visit, especially if you are really into biking. The shop is both practical and fun and it looks like they’ve got everything… well, I’m nobike expert but I know they stock great natural deodorant!Find Ziryab'sBody Brew Deodorant in North park at MJ Cyclery.MJ Cyclery



Upstairs has  massages, facials and waxing.



Jun 102014


Most of my customers know that I sell online right here through our website!

But some of my San Diego Customers have asked me to make it easier to buy ZirYab’s Body Brew Natural Deodorant in San Diego.

Presently the only store selling Ziryab’s Body Brew is Living Tea Brewing Co.  in Oceanside.


   Living Tea Brewing Co.

Living Tea on 302 Wisconsin Ave, in Oceanside carries Ziryab's Body Brew Deodorant

Living Tea on 302 Wisconsin Ave, in Oceanside carries Ziryab’s Body Brew Deodorant

At Living Market we specialize in finding Local, Organic, Fair-Trade, Non-GMO food & beverage items and plan to give our local community the option to purchase such items for their families.”

They are at 302 Wisconsin Ave, in Oceanside, Ca


They carry my deodorant, scrubs, Palo Santo Spray and other select products.

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