Cutaneous Granulomas caused by Antiperspirants

Cutaneous Granulomas caused by Antiperspirants

Cutaneous granulomas caused by antiperspirants containing aluminum zirconium complex can explain some people’s rash like reaction to all or almost all antiperspirants. Cutaneaous granulomas are compacted inflamed cells either grouped together or single bumps. The term Granuloma covers a wide group of conditions and  can be […]

How Bad Antiperspirant is?

When selling my natural deodorants, people often expect me to lecture them on how bad antiperspirant is for you. I can tell I disappoint them when I don’t launch into claims about how  commercially made antiperspirant causes breast cancer and the Aluminum Zirconium causes Alzheimer Disease. I […]

Antiperspirants and Axillary Granulomata

I’ve heard from several customers who tell me of their “allergy” to commercial antiperspirants. They describe swelling bumps under the arms after application. When I come across an interesting study or some information about this, I’d like to post it or post a link. I […]

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