Why Doesn’t Flower Garden Scent Last as Long as the Original Scent?

Why Doesn’t Flower Garden Scent Last as Long as the Original Scent?

La Shea writes:

I’ve purchased both the flower garden scent and the original scent. The orginal deodorant’s scent lasts all day long! The flower garden scent does not….also about a month or so after I started using, the bottle just didn’t smell “flowery” anymore and I had to add some oils to it. It’s not a complaint, I just wanted to know if there’s a reason that particular scent isn’t as strong?

Rose and LavendarI wrote back:

Hi thank you for letting me know you noticed this because I agree. The flowery scented essential oils just don’t last very long.

It has a lot to do with the nature of the smells, base notes last longer but aren’t flowery. I keep tweaking with the flower scent to see if I can make it last longer naturally….

Fragrance (chemically created scent) will last much much longer but I’ve been reluctant to use fragrance… It’s a bit of a crossroads for me. Most people prefer fragrances but they aren’t as healthy… people trust me to make healthy choices but if they go to someone else because they are lured by pretty smells that I could do too, that wouldn’t be so great.

I am struggling with the issue and will continue to weigh the pros and cons. To be frank though, I am leaning towards using more fragrance and just making sure people have a choice between fragrance, essential oil or nothing….

I’m so glad you are aware of your products. What did you add to boost the fragrance if I can ask?


La Shea writes back

I’m not really into flowery scents, but the original scent was a bit too masculine for me.
Just in case you want a few ideas here are some oils that are used in some of my favorite perfumes… blood orange & patchouli, coriander & lime, pepper, cocoa, & vanilla, jasmine & sandalwood.

I’d love to try any new combinations you make so keep me posted.


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