Natural Deodorant and Personal Care Products

“Products for Easy, Natural, Self-Confidence”

My Line of Natural  Deodorants and Personal Care Products

I started my line with my awesome 24 hour natural deodorant lotion Body Brew. I strive for all my products must be as effective, healthy and easy to use as my deodorant. equal quality to my natural deodorant for effectiveness, ease of use and healthiness. I don’t sell anything I am not proud of or wouldn’t use.

I don’t have a brick and mortar store at this time but focus on developing natural personal care solutions and making them available to people through markets, shows and on-line sales.  I  attend Farmer’s Market’s and craft shows. I also am growing to include distribution and wholesale to other stores. I try to post updates on Facebook whenever I can.

Ziryabs Natural Deodorant Body Brew

When you put something on your skin, it should feel and smell like a gift to yourself.
All t
hrough the longest and hardest day, may the way you smell bring you pleasure.

ZirYab? Why Such A Difficult Name

When beginning my line of natural deodorant, toothpowders, and body products I struggled, like many business owners, to find the perfect name for mt product and company.

There are chapters and even books on  choosing a good business name.  Sometimes, the perfect solution is obvious but not always. I think my company name is perfect but at first I wasn’t sure…

Ziryab was a  9th century musician and singer  credited with introducing deodorant and toothpaste to Andalusian society. Born a slave with African heritage, Ziryab’s beautiful voice and interpretive skills earned him the nickname  Blackbird (Ziryab). His brilliance went beyond musical performance and hygiene.  He added innovations to Andalusian music that still exist today and founded  the first music academy. Not only that, but, as one of the most influential courtiers of all time, Ziryab is said to have begun the tradition of seasonal clothing – wearing certain garment styles depending on the time of year.

What name could be more perfect than one that honors such a person as Ziryab?

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