NEEM: Green Gold

NEEM: Green Gold

It is certainly understandable why Neem is referred to as Green Gold and why it is a sacred tree in India cultivated anywhere it will grown.  You will find this tree near almost all Indian familyhomes and growing in a place of honor in the courtyard.  Not only does it provide broad shade but it deters bugs and it is visited frequently to be harvested of its bounty, often daily for a young twig to be used as a natural and potent teeth cleaner and mouth freshener more potent some say than modern fluoride laden toothpaste. The neem tree offers an ancient traditional cure for many things. Indeed, it is so helpful against bacterias and funguses, I think of it as the “new tea tree oil”.

While I am not yet on board with ingesting neem, I have personally witnessed its extraordinary ability to cure my plants of mildews and funguses while chasing off aphids, caterpillers and whatever leaves that sticky stuff on leaves.

It is a powerful antifungul on plants and it turns out, on nail fungus too.

The leaves, flowers, stems and bark contain 132 known chemical compounds and I suspect the reason this remarkable tree is not better known to the west is that it is simply too good to be true.  Nevertheless, I believe that neem is effective in the traditional ways it has been used.

I am going to resist listing all the uses for neem here in case I lose credibility and I risk the reader dismissing Neem as just another snake oil. If you are doubtful, I urge you to try it on a difficult to solve skin issues like eczema, itchiness, a cut, a rash, acne, a wart, a fungus or a hepes outbreak. It is such ane awesome all around good oil that it makes up an important part of my Rescue Me Ointment.. If you have nothing else to use it for, try using neem or Rescue Me! as bug repellent or hand sanitizer.

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