Question About Rashes

Question About Rashes

Clara G writes:

Hey there! I purchased your deodorant lotion recently, and it works well! The only issue I have is it gives me a terrible burning rash under my arms. I noticed it the first day I wore it, and the more days in a row I wear it the worse the rash gets. I waited for the first rash to go away and then I tried creating a barrier between my skin and the deodorant by applying a good amount of pure Shea butter but it didn’t help prevent the rash. Have you heard of this before? Is there anything I can do to prevent the rash? It’s super disappointing because I have such a terrible time with underarm odor and nothing seems to work (except this, it works wonderfully!). Leave it to me to have some allergic reaction to the only thing that cures my underarm odor lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Clara.

Thank you so much for trying so hard. I know it works well but some people do have a reaction to it. Certainly is could be an allergy to one of the ingredients. However, my guess is that your skin is already fairly highly alkaline and the deodorant’s baking soda pushes your skin beyond what it can tolerate.veto

That said, there may be a solution but first, you must stop using the deodorant right away so your skin can heal. Once it is rashing, it can’t heal unless you stop using it, okay?

First, I really like your idea about putting pure shea butter as a protective barrier (although I’m a bigger fan of cocnut oil). I’m sorry it didn’t work. It’s a long shot, but try the following -if you haven’t already done it – after you are completely healed. This advice is coming from what worked for a few people. You can try to do all of these or a combination of them or try one at a time.

Steps to Try to Prevent Under Arm Rash


1) Only using every other day
2) Not using after shaving
3) Using a much smaller amount
4) Mixing with half Aloe Vera

If none of those work, I would try mixing up your own batch of deodorant to see if it is the ingredients in mine other than the baking soda.

Simple Deodorant Recipe:

Next, to rule out allergy, try this:

1 tablespoon Baking Soda
1 tablespoon Corn Starch
1 tablespoon Coconut Butter (or Shea)
1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel

If this combo also gives you a rash, then it is probably the baking soda.

If it is the baking soda, I am a bit disappointed too because I’ve had a theory for awhile that people who rash with baking soda tend not to have as much trouble with body odor because they tend to have higher alkaline levels then others.

PH Test for “Science” or Curiosity

Out of curiosity, you might try testing your ph. You can purchase ph test strips online, at the drugstore or at walmart pharmacy.

The reason I am curious about your Ph is that Alkaline diets are all the fad right now and some people who have been working on raising their Ph have reported to me that they have begun to rash. I’m not sure about all the science of it but I do know that:
1) We smell because the bacteria that causes body odor loves the slightly acidic environment our sweat creates.
2) If we change our PH under our arms, we impact the bacteria’s ability to grow (and smell).
3) BUT when we disturb the “acid mantle” of our skin more then we can tolerate, we end up with unhappy skin.


The PH Balancing Act

It seems to me that it is a bit of a balancing act trying to fight body odor by creating an environment where the Ph isn’t optimum for the bacteria but that we can still tolerate it. This balancing act MAY be complicated by all the factors that might impact the Ph under our arms, factors like

  1. age
  2. hormones
  3. diet
  4. health

I suspect you are more alkaline then people who don’t rash, but I am neither a scientist, a doctor or any other professional, it’s just a guess. One piece of good news might be that some people believe that high alkalinity is a healthier state then being more acid. Anyway, I’d love to know what your ph is.

I also believe that the reason the big guys aren’t selling deodorant like mine even though it works so well- is because they can’t handle the idea that it doesn’t work for everyone exactly the same way. In this new economy though, we can empower ourselves to find products that are right for our individual needs. Hopefully, if we all work together and keep communicating we can find healthy answers more easily without needing to use all the big boy’s chemicals.

Anyway, can you consider what I’ve written and let me know if you are willing to try the things I’ve suggested?

Please share your experiences with me. Baking Soda is such an effective deodorant, I want as many people to enjoy the benefits without any discomfort as possible.  Unlike some people who are willing to throw out an awesome ingredient because some can’t use it, I think we should acknowledge our unique body reactions and share knowledge not quick judgement.


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