Feb 132017

Eden Energy Medicine Sells Ziryab’s Natural Deodorant 

Kim Romska’s Energy Strengthening and Balancing practice inside Evolve Chiropractic Boutique is now selling Ziryab’s Natural Deodorant 

Kim Romska offers one on one sessions as well as classes inside Reno’s Evolve Chiropractic, She helps people balance and strengthen their energies for Vibrant Health and Radiant Joy! Kim works with her clients on meridians, radiant circuits, deep electrical connections, the 5 elements, the aura, the chakras and so much more. Her clients feel refreshed and energized after a session and are given the knowledge and tools to continue the energizing and healing work at home in a 5 minute daily practice.

Evolve Chiropractic
24 Winter St.
Reno NV 89503

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