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Avocado Oil

Avocado oil contains a sterol called phytosterol. It is believed that sterols provide a similar benefit to skin that cholesterols do without the negative side effects.  While cholesterol is an important component of the epidermal layer and is a contributor to healthy skin, applying cholesterol directly on skin can results in acne and inflammation.  Plant sterols like those in avocado oil mimic the effects of cholesterol in the skin and provide increased elasticity and anti-wrinkling benefits, aid in the repair of damaged skin without causing breakouts.

Furthermore,  German study claimed that preparations containing phytosterols applied topically stopped the slow-down of collagen production caused by sun and encouraged new collagen production.

According to South African Avocado Growers’ Association , Avocado oil contributes to soap’s superior lathering and cleaning qualities. Avocado oil is easy to emulsify. Its low surface tension produces smoother creams and soaps and makes a superior cosmetic oil. The associations 1985 yearbook published  the following graph, showing the vitamins in Avocado Oil:

Due to the abundance of unsaturated fatty acids in the oil, its fibrous proteins (about 4 per cent) act as a natural skin moisturiser. Moisture is necessary to make the skin looksoft and young.

Avocado oil also has some sun-screening properties. The ultraviolet radiation of the sun may act identical to the ageing process of the skin. It dries the skin and also induces wrinkling.

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