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Babchi – A Natural Retinol?

Babchi Oil or Bakuchiol Oil is a natural retinol that is very exciting for those of us looking for a natural, more gentle, safer and more affordable alternative to Retinols in face products

As you probably know, retinol is one of the best ingredients we can use to reduce facial fine lines, and improve and even skin tone. It can reduce age spots but alternatively help with acne so it’s good for many people. However, people may have trouble using it, especially those with sensitive skin, rosacea, dryness, and contact allergies. It can cause some discomfort for people, especially starting out. Also retinol creams can be expensive.

So… here is where Babchi Oil for your face (also called Bakuchiol Oil) comes in. It is believed that Babchi Oil is a natural retinol that is gentler and doesn’t cause the same level of skin issues as retinols. It is also Vegan, which not all retinols can claim. It likely works more slowly than retinols for most people. They say it is safe to wear in the sun, unlike retinols but I have read on-line accounts of a few people say it made them sensitive to sun burn – therefore I recommend using it at night, similarly to how one uses a retinol.

It is often recommended to use a Vit A (retinol product) at night and a Vit C product in the morning,. My Flower Garden Serum is a Vit C cream, so you’d use this in the morning.

To read a good article on Babchi Oil, look at Newsweek’s article called: “What is Bakuchiol?…”

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