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Baking Soda Rash Experience

Here is a place I will post comments, suggestions or insights from customers who worked through irritation from the baking soda. I am getting from those people who rash using my regular deodorant. Feel free to add a comment (if I’ve managed to get the comment section working :):

 I tried this and I didn’t smell all day, I didn’t sweat very much at all. I love the scent, It works. Now to be honest my underarms were sensitive when I used this deodorant.I can’t speak for any one else or tell any one that this will work for them, but, I use lotion first and then your deodorant and that seems to work for me, I need to purchase your mineral deodorant to switch up use on my days off. But, this is wonderful for me because I do not like the commercial antiperspirants.

Karen – Etsy