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Body Product Research License

From time to time, customers ask me where I studied or what science degree(s) I have. I have a lot of respect for education and for most of my life I’ve adhered to the principle that you must have a certificate for your knowledge to be of value. I have degrees and certificates but none in relationship to body science.  My interest in the science of the body begins with my ownership of a body and curiosity on how to manage it. So, what right, I’ve wondered to myself, do I have to make and sell (!!!) body products?

But, it’s the wrong question because there is no universal licenses for many things that require knowledge, ethics and invention. For instance, our president doesn’t have his “Leadership of a Country License”, Stephen King doesn’t have his “Right to Write License” and Jack Andraka, the 15 year old who invented a way to detect pancreatic cancer for 3 cents and 5 minutes a test didn’t have his pancreatic scientist license.

It seems to me what you need is the audacity to do something that you believe you do well.

So, while I have no license or certificate to make awesome deodorant, I make it anyway.

How did I learn? the same way Jack Andraka did, researching on the internet and experimentation.

Here’s what Jack says about his method from this video:

“Through this I’ve learned one really important lesson; that through the internet, anything is possible. You don’t have to be a professor with multiple degrees to have your ideas valued, regardless of your age, thnicity or gender, it’s just your ideas. What’s really important to me, what I find really important on the internet is that, instead of posting duck faced pictures of yourself or taking pictures of your food and posting them on instagram, you could be changing the world. …

So, if a 15 year old who didn’t even know he had a pancreas could develop a new sensor of pancreatic cancer that costs 3 cents and 5 minutes to run, imagine what those 3.5 billion people could do and just imagine what you could do…”

Jack Andraka, the  15 year old who found a way to potentially detect early stage pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer.

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