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Carotenoid Rich Sea BuckThorn Oil


Sea Buckthorn Oil has been used by Tibetans for centuries for health and the treatment of illness. Russians used Sea Buckthorn oil to treat Chernobyl radiation exposure. Interestingly, one of my clients tells me her father grew Sea Buckthorn. He was a nuclear physicist and used it in an ointment to treat radiation burns. 

Because of the reports of how helpful Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is, I use it in many of my products. I include it in my Face Serum, my face lotion and other products. Not only is the oil a gorgeous red color, it leaves my face feeling hydrated and healed. The oil owes its rich golden red color to high levels of carotenoids.


Carotenoids are organic pigments. and there are over 600 varieties of them. We already know a lot about the benefits of some carotenoids. For instance, we know how much eyes benefit from cartonoids. It turns out that carrots is one of the best ways we get our carotenoids. And this is what makes carrot so great for eyes. They protect your retina from blue and near-ultraviolet light damage.

An important carotenoid is Beta-carotene.  As you might guess, the more intense the color indicates a higher level of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a recognized antioxidant. We hear the word “antioxidant” a lot but simply said, antioxidants capture “free-radicals”.  In this way, they prevent free radicals from damaging cells and causing visual signs of aging.  Beta-carotene can stop or slow free-radicals down. Studies and anecdotal evidence agree:

Topical vitamin A may be helpful for treatment of aging skin. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that a 0.4% vitamin A lotion applied three times a week significantly reduced the number of “fine” wrinkles in seniors. 42 Benefits were also seen in terms of some biochemical measures of skin health.”   NYU Langone Medical Center 

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