Isn’t using Palm Oil in Soap Destroying the Environment?

Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

Yes, using palm oil in soap that is made from irresponsible palm growers is not a responsible choice for the environment. Poor farming practices is wreaking havoc on people and forests. Big, mega corporations have been buying up rain forest land from indigenous people for decades now. They have cut and burned rainforest to plant […]

Peace in the War Between Natural and Chemical Skin Care

At Ziryabs I try to find peace in the war between natural skin care and chemicals by being humble and transparent. Humble in acknowledging our human ancestors real knowledge of the plants and minerals around them. Also humbly acknowledging that science has revealed an understanding of plants and minerals that allow us to use them […]

Is Dimethicone Toxic or Safe?

First you should know that my hair LOVES silicones. Or more accurately, I love the way my hair feels and looks with silicone on it.  Dimethicone helps my hair look good, feel soft, untangled and shiney. So I need to know, is dimethicone toxic? What is Silicone? Silicones represents a large group of synthetic materials. […]


Spirolina is a single celled organism that grows in warm water that is high in alkaline. It is bright blue green and it is referred to as blue green algae sometimes.  It isn’t really an algae, scientifically speaking. The Aztecs used it as a food source until the 16th century when it is likely that Lake […]

Carotenoid Rich Sea BuckThorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil has been used by Tibetans for centuries for health and the treatment of illness. Russians used Sea Buckthorn oil to treat Chernobyl radiation exposure. Interestingly, one of my clients tells me her father grew Sea Buckthorn. He was a nuclear physicist and used it in an ointment to treat radiation burns.  Because […]

Allergic to Sulfites? Allergic to Sulfur?

I just made an awesome Sulfur and Spirolina Soap because I’ve had several people request a sulfur soap, including a dermatologist for her patients. A woman came into my store today asking about products for Ezcema. Well, I told her about African Black Soap and my Pine Tar soap but thought for her spot-like ezcema, […]


About AMODIMETHICONE According to Amodimethicone is a modified silicone polymer. Silicones are polymers that include silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sometimes other elements. In general, silicones are great for many uses because they: don’t conduct heat they don’t tend to react to other chemicals they are thought to be non-toxic can handle […]

Seabuckthorn and Internal use in dogs

Here is another interesting study on the usefulness of Seabuckthorn and Dogs that found that dogs with gasstric ulcers healed when treated with seabuckthorn in 7 and a half days, while those treated with famotidine were healed in 8 and a quarter days.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil contains a sterol called phytosterol. It is believed that sterols provide a similar benefit to skin that cholesterols do without the negative side effects.  While cholesterol is an important component of the epidermal layer and is a contributor to healthy skin, applying cholesterol directly on skin can results in acne and inflammation.  Plant […]

Epsom Salts

Wikipedia “…the increase in ionic strength prevents some of the temporary skin wrinkling (partial maceration) which is caused by prolonged immersion of extremities in pure water. ….magnesium sulfate can also be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation.“ Magnesium sulfates are common minerals in geological environments. Some mineral waters have magnesium sulfates. Studies on the benefits […]