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Choosing the Best Antiperspirant or Deodorant for You

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We sometimes use the terms deodorant and antiperspirant interchangeably but they are very different. To understand the difference, check out this blog post because the process of choosing the best antiperspirant or deodorant for you requires that you recognize the difference.

Choosing the best antiperspirant or deodorant for you can be helped with a little information. Some supplied by you and some supplied by me.

Do you Sweat a Lot?

If the answer is yes, then you might decide you want an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants work by applying a chemical which enters your pores under your arms and when, confronted with wetness, the chemical swells and blocks the sweat from escaping. At least theoretically.

Do you Find you Sweat even with Antiperspirant?

There’s a possibility you aren’t applying it correctly. There are two things to remember about antiperspirant application:

Antiperspirant won’t work when applied to wet skin, sweaty skin or skin that already has stuff on it. Antiperspirant works better when it has time to soak into to dry clean skin. If you are applying it directly after your shower and you are slightly damp or you have had a hot shower and are slightly sweaty, your antiperspirant won’t be able to get to plug your sweat glands before it has expanded. Try applying using a hair dryer set on cool (so you don’t sweat more) to make sure you are putting it on dry skin.

Antiperspirants work better if they’ve had some time to “soak in” on your dry, clean underarms. Although this is a major switch for some people, it is a good idea to shower at night and put on your antiperspirant then. This way it has had a time to soak in.

Do You Experience a Rash using Antiperspirants?

The chemical that is used to plug your sweat glands is probably causing the rash. The condition is called Zirconium granuloma. If you happen to have this issue there isn’t all that much written about it that is available without purchasing articles. I could find no alternatives in my searches that provide an effective antiperspirant without zirconium effects. Please let me know if there is something and I will edit this page. I did find this article worth a read if you have this condition though:

Do you Want to Avoid the Chemicals in Antiperspirant?

Seek out the right deodorant for you. To be clear, there is no antiperspirants without chemicals but there are a lot of deodorant choices that will help with sweat and body odor. Still, finding the right deodorant for you takes a bit of work and experimentation.

When you Sweat do you develop Strong Body Odor Quickly?

Chances are, if you develop strong body odor quickly when you sweat, it suggests your perspiration is acidic. The most common cause of body odor comes from an acid-loving bacteria. If you tend to be smelly, one of the most effective deodorants contains baking soda because it raises the Ph under your arms from acidic to alkaline, defeating the smell.

The draw back with baking soda deodorants is applying the right amount of baking soda and in the right consistency. Too much and you will rash, too little and it won’t defeat the acid. It is very wise to try a group of brands and try applying them in different ways to see which works best for you. We sell samples of our lotion baking soda based deodorant for you to try out.

Keep in mind that while my baking soda deodorant changed my life, there are some tricks your body might play on you. Your alkalinity might change which will change your need for the deodorant. Also, I suspect that while the most common bacteria found under the arms is acid loving and defeated by alkalinity, you might have a different type of bacteria under your arms.

Do you tend to only sweat a little and only smell a little under your arms?

Then you don’t need a baking Soda Deodorant which will be too strong. Try something with a lower Ph. I make a Mineral Deodorant roll-on that is fantastic. It still works against smell by raising alkalinity but not as drastically (plus it has magnesium oil in it which is good for you).

There are other deodorants using different ingredients to fight smell and bacteria. Acids can also work by making the underarm environment more acidic then the bacteria can survive in. Lemon Juice is often mention by DIYers, Lume uses an acid known first as a gentle chemical peel.

There are also deodorants using bioferments and yeasts. Presumably these work by consuming resources that the odor-causing bacteria require and overwhelming them.

Are you wanting to not feel damp under the arm?

I suggest trying body powders that absorb sweat or astringents like witch hazel which restrict pores.

Whatever you need to address your particular under arm hygiene regimen, choosing the best antiperspirant or deodorant for you takes some experimentation. Here is a link to all my deodorant products.

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