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Soap and Cosmetic Best DIY Sites

Make It Yourself Links

The generosity of some bloggers who share their knowledge on DIY sites really reminds me how good people can be, I came across yet another wonderful and helpful DIY website and want to take a moment to acknowledge a few of the to the bloggers who have shared their knowledge so generously with me while I was learning. I still often find myself seeking out the knowledge of my fellow makers.

Susan Barclay’s SwiftCraftyMonkey – Point of Interest

First, a huge thank you to the best cosmetic website that I know; Susan Barclay’s SwiftCraftyMonkey. The name is odd but the blogger is awesome. She started taking subscriptions recently but it’s worth it! Even if you pay just a dollar, you’ll get access to some great information. This lady knows her stuff!

Oh The Things We’ll Make! (Make it youself so that YOU control the ingredients)

I came across this DIY site today when researching laundry detergent for personal use.  I really like her practical approach and helpful recipe. the rest of her site looks awesome too! 
Check out her Sea Salt Hair Spray Recipe.

Want to Make Liquid Soap?

Check out Chickens in the Road for the Best Liquid Soap Tutorial Site. I love this recipe and, when I make old-fashioned liquid soap, I still use her guidelines.

Soap Calculator

I do NOT know what I would have done without SoapCalc. This is one of the best DIY sites out there. Just plug in the oils you want in the percentages you want into the soap calculator and get a pretty good idea about how hard, cleansing, conditioning, bubbly and creamy your soap will be.

Not sure what oils to purchase? No problem, soap calc is here to help; Research the oils before you buy (they’ve recently made this harder to find, you need to look way down at the bottom of the home page to Sort Oil List and then, Download the incredibly helpful spreadsheet  – it tells you much more.

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