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Fear that Antiperspirant May Cause Cancer or Dementia?

Ingredients in Antiperspirant May Cause Disease But Probably Not

One ingredient I avoid using in a ZirYab product is fear. I sell a natural and chemical free deodorant that works. I’d like you to try it, especially if you are a challenged sweater like I am. I want you to try my deodorant because it changed my life, NOT because you are afraid that antiperspirants give you cancer.

I Bet Fear Causes More Disease than Aluminum Compounds

I am not convinced there is much clear proof that aluminum compounds like aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium cause either dementia or breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society when asked  antiperspirant causes cancer or dementia says that the claims that wearing antiperspirant causes breast cancer “are largely untrue.” I recommend reading this article for their opinion. Scientific America also doesn’t buy the claim that antiperspirants are dangerous. Read their opinion here.

On the other hand, why use it if you don’t have? Plenty of people will chime in with opinions on the dangers of the ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants. Time Magazine printed an article entitled 5 Things Wrong With Your Deodorant.

I don’t trust big companies because they make decisions based on profits.  They’ll use chemicals for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with your best interests. On the other hand, I’ve noticed small companies making claims regarding their products being healthier, safer and less dangerous that I find highly unlikely.

It seems to me there isn’t clear cut proof that antiperspirants are perfectly safe. I do know that some people get a bad reaction to the aluminum in antiperspirants called cutaneous granulomas. I’ve written more here…   I suppose I think if you can find a natural product that works as well or better, then use it if you can afford it. It just so happens, I find my deodorant unbelievably effective in ways no other commercial deodorant ever was and it changed my life. It doesn’t contain aluminum, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, preservatives or fragrance. BUT it has drawbacks. It takes a more personal experimental approach for some people.

Because it contains baking soda – which is very high on the alkalinity scale – it can  be irritating to some people, especially those who don’t actually sweat much or whose sweat is not acidic. This is an unacceptable side effect for big corporations but small companies can make the effort to inform and work with customers. Baking Soda has few known health consequences except for the high alkalinity so I think it is a safe ingredient to use, as long as you are aware of the irritation it MIGHT cause you if you are sensitive or a low acid sweater.

Trying natural deodorants seems like a healthy and sensible thing to do.  No need to frighten people with the threat of of cancer or dementia for people to think using handmade products with generally considered safe ingredients is a good thing to do.

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