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Almost Free ACV Hair Rinse

Before raving about the benefits of making your own ACV Hair Rinse, here is an even simpler trick; After you wash and condition your hair, rinse it in cold water. This will make your hair noticeably softer and shinier. Try it. Why does it work? Because cold water has less minerals than hot water. Hot water picks up minerals going through the heating process.

Even better than cold water is to rinse your hair with rain water. Rain water is soft because it doesn’t have any minerals in it. If you’re lucky enough to be able to collect rainwater, it is gold for your hair as a rinse. Soft rain water can even collect minerals and rinse them from your hair. This makes your hair curl more and leaves it soft and glossy.

No rainwater? No problem. Buy a gallon of distilled water. It is almost the same or maybe better than rain water. They sell it at most drugstores and grocery stores in gallon jugs. Use that to rinse your hair and you will get the the same soft, shiny hair that rain water gives you.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Distilled Water Hair Rinse

Of course, if you are purchasing a gallon of distilled water anyway, add a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to the gallon. The soft water of distilled water will rinse out minerals. Adding Apple Cider Vinegar makes the water more acidic. This helps in a few ways.

Vinegar’s Acidity Rinses Away Minerals

Adding vinegar to your water helps your hair because minerals are alkaline and ACV is acidic. If you ever used vinegar to clean the white scaly buildup on a faucet, a coffee maker or a pet’s water bowl, you know how well vinegar cleans up minerals. Pure ACV is much much too acidic for hair but diluted ACV can help wash away any scaly buildup that has happened on your hair strands.

Apple Cider Vinegar Balances Shampoo’s Alkalinity

Adding vinegar has a more important benefit too. Many of our most commonly used shampoos are more alkaline than scalps or hair prefer. The pH of a healthy scalp is about 5.5 and healthy hair is lower at around pH 3.7. The problem is that, according to this study, nearly 62% of all shampoos tested (123 brands) had a pH greater than 5.5. The study points out that an”…alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical net charge of the hair fiber surface and, therefore, increase the friction between the fibers.” In other words, the static makes cuticles stand out instead of lie flat. High pH makes our hair frizzier, look more damaged, tangle more easily and be more prone to damage.  So lowering the pH of your hair and scalp, you are giving both your hair and scalp help by making it easier for them to return to a more desirable pH. 

An Apple Cider Viner Hair Rinse Recipe

I can’t see any reason why people who want beautiful hair wouldn’t try this simple rinse to see if it makes their hair more luxurious . I especially think this rinse would be worth a try for anyone experiencing scalp issues. Try is and see if balancing the pH helps. 

  • Gallon of Distilled Water
  • .5 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour the vinegar into the Water and shake. Use to rinse your hair after washing. Use a cup or two.

Use this Rinse Traditional Soap-based Shampoos

This is especially good if you have hard water or are using a natural old-fashioned shampoo like my Pine Tar Shampoo Bar, Rosemary Shampoo Bar, Strawberry Sugar Shampoo Bar or Orange Sugar Shampoo Bar.

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