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Specially Labelled Gifts, Products with Company Logos and Branded Event Products

The Lotus Center chose our company to create a Holiday gift box for their supporters and sponsors.

I like to wrap things and make things pretty. I am not always perfect but maybe that’s the charm? Consider Ziryabs if you want special event products with custom labels for large or ongoing orders.

One of my company’s super powers is our ability to design and print our labels right here. It is the lucky twist of fortune that I’ve learned how to use Adobe’s Illustrator and Adobe’s Photoshop. I am not an expert but I get by and it’s helped me design and print our labels in-house.

What this means is I can make products and design labels for your special event, company wholesale project, wedding favors or party favors, corporate holidays gifts.

Company Branded Products

Ed Stevens, Owner of the The Patio Restaurant in Hurley NM purchased an ongoing bulk order of Bug Me Not Candles. I designed this logo to put on the back of the candles.

While I am not a professional designer, I can and will whip up a company branded label for products.

The cost depends on a number of factors but we’d be happy to discuss your options. I am unable to design according to exacting specifications though. However if you are easy going and trust that I can create something that looks pretty good, I might be a good option

Weddings and Anniversaries

I have also done wedding and anniversary party favors. Although, I can’t beat the price of stickers available here , I can come up with something pretty unique.

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