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Can Natural Deodorant Work Better than Commercial Deodorant?

When I first started making and selling my deodorant, Tammy wrote questioning whether I was being honest with my ingredients. She asked me how could a real natural deodorant work better than commercial deodorant.

Is is completely non-toxic really? I don’t understand how it is possible that your deodorant works better than any commercial deodorant I have ever used without using any toxic sounding chemicals.


I had wondered the same thing. What was the catch? How could my deodorant work so much better than commercial deodorants?

Making Natural Deodorant versus Manufacturing Commercial Deodorant

Over time and doing research I came up with a theory of why this could happen. Large commercial companies want to make money as easily as possible which means the products they manufacture must:

  • Work for as many people as possible
  • Cause no complaints
  • Be easy to sell
  • Ship easily and be able to handle very high and very low temperatures.
  • Last a LONG time on the shelf
  • Be inexpensive to make
  • Be always uniform in consistency, smell, texture, appearance

Companies find it easiest and most profitable to turn to chemicals to achieve all of the above. They found and use chemicals that plug perspiration pores, kill bacteria without harming skin, stabilize products, are less expensive than more natural options, and that are synthetically created so are the same in every last detail.

It is challenging to create a Baking Soda based deodorant that can fit all of these criteria so they don’t. Even if they manage to create a product with baking soda, baking soda deodorants can be too alkaline for some people.

Natural Deodorants can be made for Unique Individuals

Each chemical in your deodorant or antiperspirant exists to insure that it will work as described for everyone.

Nothing wrong with this except that like most things that are meant to please everyone, they leave out a lot of people.

For me, no commercial antiperspirant or deodorant worked for me. The strongest chemical antiperspirants couldn’t make me stop sweating and the strongest deodorants didn’t make me not smell after a few hours.

Baking soda deodorant solved my issues but it can irritate you under the arms if you don’t sweat as much or are less acidic than I am.

Manufacturers decided what would be best for us and more accurately most profitable for them. It is better for business to sell us a product instead of educating us about deodorant. It is why it took me 40+ years to figure out the simple truth about my particular battle with underarm odor.

I was lucky to find a formula that allows me to stop me from smelling bad for 24 hours without using anything potentially toxic to do it.

I learned that it is possible to discover remedies to things like body odor that aren’t being sold by commercial brands that work better for you. Not because small makers like me are geniuses who have “discovered” something unknown. It’s because we think outside of the box. We’re free from their money saving agenda and we don’t demand that our products appeal to every person. We don’t have a group of board members wanting a product that meets each of their demands. My deodorant is a miracle but not for everybody. And it shouldn’t be because each of us wants different things.

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A wonderful 1946 study called Sodium Bicarbonate: An Excellent Deodorant