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Baking Soda Deodorant Rash Solved

Here’s a portion of a conversation I had with a customer about his experience with a deodorant rash:

Hi Brenda,

Recently I’ve developed a rash on my armpits. I am not sure why all the sudden but I suspect the heat in combination with the deodorant is what’s causing it all of the sudden. I have tried to dial back the amount I use which helps a bit

Hi Alan,

Thanks for writing about your concern. First, I think the rash might be caused exactly for the reasons you describe. Also, is there a chance, because of the heat, that you’ve applying more? Another cause could be diet, we tend to eat a little bit better at this time of year because of all the greens and good veggies available. This, at least theoretically, can raise our Ph slightly (a good thing many suspect) which would impact your skin’s Ph, which would impact your need for a high alkaline deo. So, you could try to dilute it too, with Aloe or Coconut Oil or witch hazel.
Here’s a link to my Mineral Deo, if you’d like to try that…, it has a lower Ph.

Hey Brenda,
Thanks for the info! Luckily the rashing has gone down, and it doesn’t seem to be peeling anymore since using less deo. So less is definitely more. Also been using some jojoba and coconut oil to help soothe and heal. I think I’ll be OK using less deo though as I’ve already gone 13 hours today already and don’t stink! Prior to using yours I was making my own with coconut oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda which worked well but simply got too busy to worry about making my own all the time. Thanks for making such a great product!

Jojoba is an excellent addition and I’m glad you mentioned it. Also glad it seems to be working out. Have a great week! Yours,

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