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Apple Spice Soap with Cinnamon and Clove. Apple Spice is a fresh scent with the spices of cinnamon and clove to add depth and interest.




Apple Spice Soap

Fresh Apple with cinnamon and clove essential oils. Fresh, sweet and interesting.

According to an article in “The Subtle Connection Between Scent And Emotional Well-Being“;

“Research has indicated that the smell of crisp apples may actually help ease the pain of a migraine headache. One study revealed that participants who found the scent appealing experienced a significant reduction in both headache symptoms and shortened migraine episodes. Previous studies on a green apple’s odor have also revealed that the scent of apples may help control feelings of anxiety.”

Moisturizing and cleansing, this bath or hand soap is super-fatted for extra gentleness.  Soaps change weight as water evaporates from them but it doesn’t change how long the last. My soaps usually weight between  from 4.5 to 5 oz.

Apple Spice Ingredients

The ingredients in Apple Spice Soap include: Saponified Oils of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable and Organic Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Organic and Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance, Cinnamon Essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil.

Apple Spice Soap is an Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil makes a luxurious soap bar and is one of the most conditioning oils available. More exotic oils might be as conditioning but aren’t as creamy and will soften a bar while costing considerably more to make.

To achieve a soap with a rich, bubbly lather, coconut oil provides plentiful bubbles but also creates a hard bar that cleans well. In fact, coconut oil is so good at cleansing that there is a real art to getting just the right ratio of ingredients to make sure it isn’t too cleansing.,

Apple Spice Soap uses only Sustainable Palm Oil

Ziryab’s only uses organic and sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil. I believe in supporting the existing sustainable and organic palm industry rather than moving the problem if exotic vegetable oils to another, less well known area of the world.  Please see my blog about the sustainable palm oil industry.

Bubbles are Best with Castor

I use Castor Oil because it is the only oil that provides so much creamy, conditioning, bubbly goodness in such a little amount. When it comes to soap, it is truly a miracle worker.

Why I choose to use Beeswax in my Apple Spice Soap

Beeswax makes a good soap great. It hardens it and adds conditioning creaminess to a bar. I struggled to find a vegan option here, wanting to provide soap to those of us who do not use beeswax but the other solutions didn’t work or were too chemical for my tastes. I try to source my beeswax from small, local beekeepers whenever possible. Beekeeping is a necessary industry to growing vegetables and beekeepers must be able to support their efforts through the sale of their harvest. Most beekeepers I have met love their bees and tend to them carefully and humanely. I would like to support these type of beekeepers.

Essential Oils and Fragrances

I prefer naturally derived smells and at least half of my soaps use only natural essential oils. If I use a fragrance, they are always phthalate free.  I test the fragrances on myself first. I get headaches from certain fragrances so if that happens, I don’t use the fragrance in my products.

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Weight 6 oz

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