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SOAP STONES – Small Decorative Soaps for Travel and Guests

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Soap Stones are handcrafted soaps made to resemble little stones. Great for the guest bathroom, as guest soaps and as little travel soaps.


SOAP STONES – Small Decorative Soaps for Travel and Guests


Small Decorative Soaps that look like Stones

This is a random variety of small decorative soaps that resemble little stones. These are lovely to display and offer you or your guests a variety of scents to choose from. Personally, I bring this bag of decorative soaps with me when I travel so I don’t need to choose which soap to use. They are small enough to dry quickly and pop back in to a bag or just leave and start a fresh one at your next destination. With these you don’t have to choose just one scent and you won’t get bored. Plus, I enjoy using my own handmade soaps while travelling instead of relying on hotels synthetic soaps and wasting small packaged soaps at each hotel.

Most are soap stones are a little smaller than 1 inch. They are made by hand shaping and each are carved to resemble a small river rocks. If you want to see a list of all my soaps, check out this listing (and remember, if you purchase 3 or more you get a discount). Wonderful as guest soaps or to travel with a bag of them so you don’t get bored with just one scent of soap while on a trip.

The only drawback is that if you fall in love with a particular soap, you won’t know which kind it is…

Ingredients:  Saponified Oils of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable and Organic Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Organic and Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, Beeswax, and assortment of fragrance, essential oils, herbs and natural and mineral colorants.

The Ingredients I Use in my Decorative Soaps:

Olive Oil

Olive Oil makes a luxurious soap bar and is one of the most conditioning oils available. More exotic oils might be as conditioning but aren’t as creamy and will soften a bar while costing considerably more to make.

Coconut Oil

To achieve a soap with a rich, bubbly lather, coconut oil provides plentiful bubbles but also creates a hard bar that cleans well. In fact, coconut oil is so good at cleansing that there is a real art to getting just the right ratio of ingredients to make sure it isn’t too cleansing.,

Sustainable Organic Palm Oil

I am thrilled that so many people want to save the environment, nature and wildlife by buying conscientiously. This is particularly true in the soap industry. The problem is people have been convinced that avoiding all palm oil will prevent the loss of important forests and save endangered beings like the the orangutan. However, it isn’t harvesting palm oil that is the real problem, it is unethical, irresponsible corporate growers of palm oil. These powerful businesses have destroyed vast swaths of forests and disenfranchised local people.  We need to stop these unethical practices with our pocketbook without abandoning palm.  It would be difficult to find an oil that has less impact on the eco-system than palm oil. This means, if we transfer our demand for palm oil to another tree oil, we are likely to do more harm on the environment, forests and creatures than we are doing by pursuing palm oil.

Support Responsible, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil Growers

Instead, I believe we need to pay more for reputable suppliers of certified sustainable and organic growers of palm oil. This is why I choose to purchase palm oil made by members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). I also pay more for palm oil from certified organic growers. I worry that choosing to make soap using a more costly but inferior oil could potentially shift the problem to an industry that has even less oversight then the Palm Oil industry does.

The reason palm oils are so often found in soap is that they are such perfect oils for soap making. They balance all the qualities most people want in a soap without crazy high prices. But cost isn’t the reason I choose to use sustainable and organic palm oils. No matter the price, it would be very tough to find a better oil for soap.

I purchase my Palm products from this a company who is a listed member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) ( and a certified supplier of organic oils (

The World Wildlife Fund supports this and asks us to support Palm Oil certified by the RSPO. They do not believe that substituting Organic and Sustainable Palm with other oils is good solution. Palm trees supply more oil on less land while producing more benefit for the environment than other oils.

Castor Oil for Bubbly Decorative Soaps

I use Castor Oil because it provides such creamy, conditioning, bubbly goodness in such a little amount. When it comes to soap, it is truly a miracle worker.

Beeswax in my Decorative Soap

Beeswax makes a good soap great. It hardens it and adds conditioning creaminess to a bar. I looked for a vegan option but didin’t find anything that wasn’t a chemical or worked as well. I try to source my beeswax from small, local beekeepers whenever possible. Beekeeping is a necessary industry to growing vegetables. Local beekeepers must be able to support their efforts through the sale of their harvest. Most beekeepers I have met love their bees and tend to them carefully and humanely. I would like to support these type of beekeepers.

My Decorative Soaps contain both Essential Oils and Fragrances

Since the decorative soaps are a mixed and random variety of soaps, you will find fragrance and essential oils. I prefer naturally derived smells and at least half of my soaps use only natural essential oils. If I use a fragrance, I test it on myself first. I get headaches from certain fragrances and if that occurs, I don’t use the fragrance.

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  1. Valerie (verified owner)

    Really cute in my soap dish!

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