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Want to smell fresh under the arms naturally without smelling like anything or creating your own smell? This is a Mineral Deodorant that comes in a refillable bottle.




Unscented Mineral Roll-on Deodorant

This refillable bottle that has a threaded opening so that this bottle can be refilled using our new 8 oz mineral deodorant bulk bags. This is both a money saving and eco-conscious way to go. When you get a new bottle be sure to remove the paper liner from under the roller ball cap.

I believe everyone deserves deodorant that is healthy and simply perfect for their body. We shouldn’t have to put up with yellow stains, icky perfumes, nasty chemicals, rashes or embarrassing body odor. That’s why I’m working hard to come up with alternatives to suit individual body chemistry and personal preferences.

My original lotion deodorant is a pure miracle for many people some find that baking soda deodorants are too strong for them. I’ve come up with another option that suits people who want to smell fresh without using Aluminium Zirconium or Chloride. It is very natural and doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives or fragrances.

One of the ingredients includes 1% potassium aluminium sulfate (potassium alum) which is the PRIMARY active ingredient in the natural crystal deodorants. I included it because even at a low amount, it does seem to really increase the effectiveness of this unscented mineral roll-on deodorant

Magnesium Helps with Odor and Health

Not only does this roll-on formula prevent body odor bacteria from forming under your arms but provides you with a rich source of magnesium. Magnesium can be absorbed through your skin safely and easier on the stomach then taking minerals supplements.

This paper discusses why Magnesium supplementation might be a great idea:

Today’s soil is depleted of minerals, and therefore the crops and vegetables grown in that soil are not as mineral-rich as they used to be. Approximately half of the US population consumes less than the required amount of magnesium. Even those who strive for better nutrition in whole foods can fall short, due to magnesium removal during food processing.

This listing is for my essential oil free mineral deodorant roll-on. Packed with healthy minerals but no essential oils.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Juice, Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium Sulfate , Magnesium Chloride, Witch Hazel Tincture, Distilled Water, Glycerin , Calcium Carbonate, Denatured Alcohol, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Potassium Alum , Karanja, Lecithin , Jojoba, Dead Sea Salt, Zinc Oxide, Neem, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum and Vit. E.

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Weight 6 oz

9 reviews for DEODORANT Mineral Roll-On UNSCENTED

  1. RAMONA (verified owner)

    This formula is not as strong as the body brew….only personally speaking but I like using it before bed to keep myself protected during warmer weather. I love the the bottle is refillable…excellent idea!

  2. Brian G. (verified owner)

    It doesn’t feel like the deodorant is going on but it is. I like how light it feels on my skin and it works really well to keep odor away. The roller ball doesn’t roll smoothly but I make it work.

  3. martha (verified owner)

    Wow! Been using a tea tree based deodorant for year, reapplying between massages as it didn’t last very long, especially if I had drank coffee. This unscented roll on exceeded my expectations, as I apply once a day and am odor free, even with coffee!! Wow. Just amazing and so grateful!

  4. Brandi P. (verified owner)

  5. Nina C. (verified owner)

  6. Priscilla Melgar (verified owner)

    As usual a good product that works!

  7. Alexis Felix (verified owner)

    After trying many natural deodorants and with the help of the amazing customer service (they helped me understand my own ph levels & guided me to this one) I found my holy grail! I’ve been using this for months and have forgot what my old BO even smells like.. I don’t sweat as much either I don’t know if it’s the deodorant or what but overall I truly recommend this product! If you’re skeptical about your order, I would 100% reach to the ZIRYAB team because they genuinely care. Thank you! I also buy my shampoo and toothpaste from here, so overall I truly recommend this company.

  8. Christine B. (verified owner)

  9. Kim Jensen (verified owner)

    Wow!! I LOVE it even more than the other one! Now I have two options!!

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