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Deodorant Natural Lotion GLASS - UNSCENTED

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Most Popular Deodorant in Glass
This plastic free option has the same fantastic, 24 hour, non-staining, vegan deodorant with hundreds of rave reviews.

If you need a strong deodorant that is all natural but works for 24 hours, try this! (We have samples you can order if you haven’t tried ours yet. This deodorant is for people who don’t think there is a natural deodorant option for them. It is guaranteed to work keeping you smelling fresh and clean with no heavy fragrances.

It is all about keeping your Ph at a place where acid loving bacteria that causes body odor can’t thrive.

This is no aluminum antiperspirant that gives you odor free underarms for 24 hours.

Bonuses include; no yellow staining of white clothes, dries very fast, feels good, leaves no stickiness, not tested on animals, completely vegan, no preservatives or other chemicals.

This glass jar comes with a little wooden spoon for stirring and to get just the right amount. Also, the deodorant jar comes in a bag so it won’t get slippery and – in the unfortunate event it is dropped – the glass will be better contained.

A little goes a long way. This bottle holds 6 oz of deodorant. This is an all natural, vegan deodorant with no aluminum or alum salts. I make this in my small shop kitchen dedicated to my body products.

This is the best deodorant I’ve ever used and I used to need three antiperspirants in one day! Even all that antiperspirant would last only 8 hours! By the end I’d smell like nasty old antiperspirant and sweat! Ugh! I started the business because of this deodorant. It changed my life. I love being free of worry about how I smell. I can go to work, go out at night, sleep and wake up still smelling okay!

Please order a sample before ordering this because if you don’t need a strong deodorant this might not be for you. If you rarely worry about how you smell, then try our fantastic Mineral Deodorant roll on.

My deodorant is in a lotion form. Some people have asked me to make it in a stick, bar, or roll-on. I tried all three and while I do offer a roll on Mineral deodorant for those who are sensitive to baking soda, I found that nothing worked as well as the lotion formula.

You’ll find that my natural deodorant feels good on hands, dries quickly and doesn’t require you to wash your hands afterwards either since it is a mild antibacterial and moisturizer. However, wiping it off on another part of your body or on a towel works too and doesn’t dirty the towel either. Not only that, the deodorant is good for hands in that it contains coconut oil and good oils.

The clay and tapioca I use help it to It dry out quickly so it doesn’t feel wet or slimy either on the hands or under the arms. Sometimes, when I am pouring out samples and inevitably get it on my hands I just dust my hands off, sometimes I give my face a small pat down with my hands because I find my deodorant absorbs any shininess and just feels and smells nice.

This Unscented Deodorant contains:
Baking Soda
Organic Aloe Vera Juice
Witch Hazel
Coconut Oil
Bentonite Clay
Apricot Kernel Oil
Sunflower Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Sunflower Lechithin
Karanja Oil
Xanthan Gum
Guar Gum
T-50 Vitamin E

The scented deodorants contain only essential oils.

Additional information

Weight 14 oz

2 reviews for Deodorant Natural Lotion GLASS – UNSCENTED

  1. Meagan NY

  2. Samantha IL

    The only deodorant that works for me now plastic-free! ?? Thanks again Brenda!

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