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A great deodorizing dog powder that also repels bugs. Soothes skin with oatmeal and rice flour for a dog’s skin.




Deodorizing Dog Powder and Bug Repellent Your Dog Won’t Hate

It just so happens that all the ingredients that make a great deodorizing dog powder also repels bugs. Plus, it soothes skin with oatmeal and rice flour for a dog’s skin. There’s no fragrance, just herbs and essential oils. Dogs seems to take to natural smells that could grow in your garden better than fragrance.

Diatomaceous Earth

I use Diatomaceous Earth as my first ingredient. It is the perfect deodorizing, bug repelling ingredient. It’s food grade so it won’t hurt your dog, it is a wonderful oil absorber due to its silica content, it traps dirt and oil in its tiny crevices, and it’s soft to us but bugs hate it. Either because it has micro-blades like broken glass to bugs or because it dries them out.

Good For Water Dogs

I made this powder in honor of Iggy, a beautiful golden retriever who was not only prone to hot spots but, as a water dog, smelled pretty doggy. Water dogs have beautiful thick coats and oily skin that repels water.  Unfortunately it also makes them a bit stinky.  Plus, dogs with thick fur who love water tend to get hotspots. Frequent shampoos can dry out their skin, which encourages their system to make more oil and can make spots worse.

I made the Dog Powder with Iggy Dog in mind
Iggy – such a good dog

No Fragrances

Perfumes and fragrance is not the ideal solution to address smelly dogs. Not only might the chemicals be bad for them, they often find the smell very irritating. Can you imagine if you could smell 40 times better and someone doused you with Candy Yum-Yum perfume? In fact, my dog Charlie hated anything that smelled remotely fake or perfumy and would spend hours rolling around trying to get scents off of himself.

A dog who smells unpleasant might have a medical condition that needs to be explored, anything from food allergies, sensitivity to products, using a shampoo the dog’s skin doesn’t like or hyperthyroidism can increase oil production or smell in a dog. As usual, have these issues checked by your vet to rule out an obvious cause.

Like getting your dog to run through a Lemon Verbena bush and rolling in diatomaceous earth. Baking Soda to deodorize, colloidal oatmeal to sooth and absorb, lemon verbena to repel insects, fleas and mosquitoes, diatomaceous earth to kill fleas.

Dry Shampoo

Great for dogs who hate baths or older dogs who are having trouble tolerating flea medication (and baths!) Tried and tested on my Charlie (now in doggy heaven), who hated perfumes but didn’t mind this. Also used on our new dog Gidget to rid her of dog-pound smell.


Diatomaceous Earth, Oatmeal Powder, Baking Soda, Bentonite Clay, Tapioca, Rice Flour, Lavender Powder, Lemon Balm Powder, Neem Powder, Lemongrass, Lemongrass Essential Oil (.8%), Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil(.5%), Lavender Essential Oil(.4%) and Tea Tree Essential Oil (.4%)


Place deodorizing dog powder on hands and work into dogs scruff, around his head and shoulders. This is the best place to apply as your dog won’t be able to lick this off. Apply more sparingly other part of body. Powder should be worked in dog’s fur  for maximum effectiveness. Make sure your dog doesn’t lick too much off, especially little dogs. Do not combine this powder with any other essential oil treatment in air or skin.

Essential Oils and Dogs

Essential Oils should be used in very small quantities on dogs. Never on cats. Dogs can absorb essential oils and fragrances through their skin and through the air. If you frequently use essential oils or fragrances in steam diffusers, be aware that your dog and cat are absorbing them through their lungs. This can make them sick as they have to process them internally. Never use essential oils or fragrances on cats. Keep any exposure to essential oils or fragrances away from cats. I beleive using diluted essential oils are probably safer than using fragrances on dogs but either way they should be used in small amounts.

Not for CATS.

Check out my Neem Dog Shampoo


Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Large Powder Bottle 5 oz, Small Powder Bottle 1.75 oz

13 reviews for DEODORIZING DOG POWDER and Bug Repellent

  1. Cindy (verified owner)

    Smells good but can’t see much improvement with use.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. James S. (verified owner)

  4. Marilyn Bemiller (verified owner)

    We haven’t had a chance to use this yet on our pup, but everything else we use at ZirYab is outstanding.

  5. Elizabeth Myers (verified owner)

  6. Cindy Sheldon (verified owner)

  7. Emily (verified owner)

  8. maggi burch (verified owner)

    am sure this will be good also

  9. Rachelle B. (verified owner)

    a gift for my sons dog

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Aronya PA

    Awesome product and great customer service! I’ll definitely be ordering again. I ordered for the deodorizer, but my dog’s itching has decreased significantly. This is the best product I’ve tried since I’ve had my dog (almost six years).

  12. Katie PA

    My Golden Retriever seemed a little troubled by being coated in powder, and the amount of product on the instructions wasn’t enough to help with her stinky water dog coat. I had to give her a liberal shake on her coat and comb it in to see a difference. I

  13. Elisa WV

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