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Four Corners Gift Box of American Southwest Soaps

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Kevin and I love visiting the Navajo Nation and the Four Corners National Monument. This is the inspiration of our Four Corners Gift Box of American Southwest Soaps. It includes New Mexico Prickly Pear Soap (the Prickly Pear is from our garden), Arizona Chaparral Soap (picked by me), Utah Honey and Sea Salt Soap, and Colorado Blue Spruce Soap.


Four Corners Gift Box of American Southwest Soaps


Four Corners Gift Box of American Southwest Soaps brings you the four most beautiful states in the union without leaving home  You may not have been able to travel  this year but I’ve tried to bring you the scents of the southwest. This gift box is for the the outdoorsy person who loves the desert and natural fresh scents.

This New Mexico True gift box includes our own New Mexican Prickly Pear Soap. I use the incredible prickly pears produced in my garden. The scent captures the fresh, slightly sweet scent of the juice from these incredible fruits.

The Arizona Chaparral Soap captures the quintessential smell of rain in the desert. I do this by infusing the leaves of the chaparral bush in oil for several months.  To achieve a more robust fragrance of chaparral, I  grind the leaves into powder and put it in the soap too. This makes a nice exfoliants and the smell is released when it is wet.  Chaparral (Larrea tridentate) is also known as creosote, and greasewood. It has been used by Native Americans as an herbal medicine for centuries. Applied topically it helps cuts and scrapes heal, soothes skin problems and aches and pains. I also sell Chaparral Soap individually.

Utah is famous for its National Parks nut it is also the beehive state.  It is also known for its stunning salt flats and they inspired this soap.  I use sea salt and honey to make a sweet and soothing soap that will appeal to everyone.

Four Corners Gift Box of American Southwest Soaps wouldn’t be complete without a soap full of the smell of southwestern conifer. I make the Colorado Blue Spruce Soap with pure essential oil of Spruce and evergreen. One of my favorites.


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Weight 17 oz

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16 reviews for Four Corners Gift Box of American Southwest Soaps

  1. Ellen J. (verified owner)

  2. Argentina M. (verified owner)

    Gifted to family member and they loved it!!

  3. Matthew Miller (verified owner)

    My wife and I love these. The smell is amazing!

  4. Damie Nelson (verified owner)

    I’ve given this gift box before, and it’s always a hit.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Cindy Sheldon (verified owner)

  7. CINDY SHELDON (verified owner)

  8. Stacy (verified owner)

    Wonderful gifts!

  9. Marie Lemme (verified owner)

    this is a gift

  10. Damie Nelson (verified owner)

    Every friend and family member who has received a gift of ZirYab’s products from me has absolutely loved it.

  11. cindy s. (verified owner)

  12. Bill Balas (verified owner)

    Wonderful package. Will make a great gift.

  13. cindy s. (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Kimberley (verified owner)

    Beautiful packaging, a gift ready to give! I could smell the wonderful fragrances as soon as I opened the box!

  16. Kim Danahy-Coyne (verified owner)

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