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Deodorant Mineral Roll-On CITRUS

(16 customer reviews)

Need a natural deodorant without baking soda that really works and is good for you and the planet too? Try this one. It comes in a refillable bottle and it is made with Magnesium, which we can absorb the amounts necessary for health topically.


Deodorant Mineral Roll-On CITRUS



This refillable bottle that has a threaded opening so that this bottle can be refilled using our new 8 oz mineral deodorant bulk bags. This is both a money saving and eco-conscious way to go. When you get a new bottle be sure to remove the paper liner from under the roller ball cap.

I believe everyone deserves deodorant that is healthy and simply perfect for their body. We shouldn’t have to put up with yellow stains, icky perfumes, nasty chemicals, rashes or embarrassing body odor. That’s why I’m working hard to come up with alternatives to suit individual body chemistry and personal preferences.

My original lotion deodorant is a pure miracle for many people, myself included but some find that baking soda deodorants are too strong for them. I’ve come up with another option that suits people who want to smell fresh without using Aluminium Zirconium or Chloride and who want to avoid parabens, preservatives and fragrances. Please know that I have included approximately 1% potassium aluminium sulfate (potassium alum) which is the PRIMARY active ingredient in the natural crystal deodorants. I included it because even at a low amount, it does seem to really increase the effectiveness of this deo.

Not only does this roll-on formula prevent body odor bacteria from forming under your arms but provides you with a rich source of minerals that can be absorbed through your skin safely and easier on the stomach then taking minerals supplements.

This listing is for my citrus essential oil mineral deodorant roll-on. Packed with healthy minerals and great for those who like the scent of fresh pink grapefruit and zesty citrus with a hint of Neroli too!

Be aware: Citrus essential oils can react with the sun and cause photo-sensitivity resulting in a severe burn. Avoid exposing underarms to sun when wearing or wear while in a tanning booth.

As with all products, natural or not, pregnant women and others with special health concerns should consult their health advisor about any product?s ingredients. If redness or rash develops, discontinue use .

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Juice, Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium Sulfate , Magnesium Chloride, Witchhazel Tincture, Distilled Water, Glycerin , Calcium Carbonate, Denatured Alcohol, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Potassium Alum , Karanja, Lecithin , Jojoba, Dead Sea Salt, Zinc Oxide, Neem, Citrus Essential Oil Blend, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum and Vit. E.

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Weight 6 oz

16 reviews for Deodorant Mineral Roll-On CITRUS

  1. Kathleen Heatherly (verified owner)

    Not doing well on this version. Going back to liquid.

  2. Claude (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Mary K. (verified owner)

  4. Katrina (verified owner)

    I had the heavy duty deodorant with baking soda. It worked so well!! But I noticed I had a little breakout when I was on my third sample pack. The mineral deodorant hasn’t been as gracious as the heavy duty one. I sort of want to take the chance with the breakouts bc it worked so well. Even through my workouts. However, I will continue to use the mineral deodorant until it is finished. I am hoping my body adjust to the mineral deodorant and it surprises me.

  5. Ana (verified owner)

    This is the first natural deodorant that works for me for a full 8hrs., it smells amazing, and does not give me a skin reaction. I had already tried the sample in the citrus scent and loved it, so I cant wait to try the full size version.

  6. Robyn (verified owner)

    No BO so far 🙂

  7. Meg (verified owner)

    I want to make sure that this review comes across exactly as it should, so I’m going to be very honest here. I am generally a really smelly woman. I’m not out of shape or dirty, but I’m always just a sweaty, stinky person. I have tried everything. Clinical strength, all natural, even Lume (and Lume insists it doesn’t NOT work for anyone). Nothing worked. I’ve had this stuff for 3 days and I DONT STINK!

  8. Addie WI

  9. Jeanette FL

    I think this is a good product. It doesn’t irritate and smell nice. However, my humid sub tropical climate (aka Florida) is no match for any deodorant I’ve tried after 3-4 hours. Yes, reapplying is an option but… at work, in the car, out and about… s

  10. H. OH

    Smells wonderful! My daughter is excited to try it!

  11. Dzina NY

    This deodorant blew my mind. I’ve tried pretty much every natural deo I could find, and nothing has worked for me (don’t know what’s wrong with my pits lol) I decided to give this one a try and I was pretty sure I’d have to go back to the conventional deo

  12. sonya CA

    Amazing! After experiencing some minor rash and odor with the baking soda formula I decided to try the mineral. I sweat a lot so even with commercial deodorants I have some smell after the gym or a long day. I haven’t had any odor with this mineral deodor

  13. Maryalice NY

    Apparently, I have a basic pH because I had a skin reaction to the baking soda in the paste! I reached out to the shop and the owners were amazing! They credited me the price of the original purchase and put it towards the purchase of the mineral deodoran

  14. Victoria S ME

    I absolutely love my new deo. it arrived super fast and lasts for quite a long time (a must in my customer service job). Will definitely buy again!

  15. Kristine CA

    Amazing! I previously tried the version with baking soda, which I also loved, however developed a rash. The owner has excellent communication, and suggested it could be the baking soda. Months down the line, I purchased the baking soda free version and

  16. Ashley IN

    i received this item within a week. it smells very pleasant. i’ve applied it once a day for three days now and it’s held up through work, sleep, and the gym. so far, no irritation or staining. i am very pleased and would absolutely recommend this deodoran

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