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OIL FACE CLEANSER and Makeup Remover

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OIL FACE CLEANSER and Makeup Remover



Using the power of oil to clean and dissolve skin oil, make-up, debris and old skin.

The idea of cleansing your face with oil to prevent blackheads and Milia may sound strange to some people but for some reason when I first heard about the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) or Oil Cleansing Treatment (OCT) it made some kind of sense to me.

This comes in a 2 oz bottle with a treatment pump. A little goes a long way.

Oil cleans oil, I’ve known this for a long time and often use oil to remove other old or unwanted oils on objects. Oils have worked well to remove tar from my feet and even had some impact on getting it off towels. It also works to get off sticky substances off of objects or to clean hardened oil off of cooking surfaces.

Knowing this, I see no reason why oil isn’t a great substance to use on those oils blocking our pores.

Oil Can Open Blockages

True, oil is also the cause of blockages but it is internal oil called sebum. Sebum is natures way of cleansing our pores of dead skin cells. However, sometimes this doesn’t go exactly to plan. Too much sebum or other complication can mean that the sebum clumps up with skin and hair and gets trapped in our pores. This can cause bacteria to develop which become pimples.

Black heads occur in a similar way, forming when our natural oil gets trapped in a hair follicle and the oil oxidizes and turns dark. While there is no infection related to blackheads, most of us would prefer not to have them.

For years I’ve been told to be careful using things that will block my pores, especially oil laden lotions and makeup. I was told to look for noncomedogenic (a blackhead is known as a comedeo) products to prevent my pores from getting clogged.

When I began getting those small white pumps around my eyes as I got older called milia ( small epidermal inclusion cysts) I was strongly urged to use only oil-free or water-based products on my face by an esthetician in order to avoid milia and blackheads. I followed her advice for several years but still got those damned white spots.

All accepted wisdom needs to be questioned every now and then. I still agree that oil laden and greasy things left on skin for too long is likely to block pores. However, it seems to me the right oils used properly can prevent and maybe even lessen blackheads and milia by loosening up stubborn sebum and allowing it to be cleansed away.

It may be coincidental but ever since I’ve been using high quality pure oils to gently cleanse my face, I have no white bumps on my face, eyelids or around my eyes and even the bumps that are deep in my skin under my eyes are less noticeable and bumpy.


Can prepare skin by resting a warm wash cloth on face to open up pours. Massage oil onto skin for at least a minute, allowing oil to work on old skin oils and pick up dirt, skin, make-up and dirt on face. The oil will start to feel gritty when it is actively picking up debris. Gently wipe away with soft warm wash cloth. Repeat if desired. Some oil can remain on skin after use, this is okay.

Remember, avoid overzealous cleaning or scrubbing which can cause inflammation and pore damage which can actually cause acne or aging.

CASTOR OIL: This oil is a super high in fatty acids, proteins and minerals and it?s high % of Ricinoleic acid helps fight bacteria and inflammation, perfect for cleaning skin. High fatty acids fade scars and moisturize without clogging pours.
ARGAN OIL: An excellent source of vegtable derived squalene, Argan Oil has a special impact on skin?s elasticity and moisture retention.
AVOCADO OIL: Rich in Omega-3, Vitamins and antioxidants. With sterolin, lecithin and potassium it is thought to soften skin, unclog pores, treat age spots and increase collagen production.
ROSE HIP OIL: One of the most used oils to treat wrinkles and aging skin, because of its unique level of essential fatty acids.
BLACK CURRANT OIL: Has an unusually high amount of omega-6, omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Thought to protect skin from aging and increase elasticity.
ROSEWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL: Often used to improve tissue elasticity and cell regeneration.
GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL: Said to contract skin, tissues, and blood vessels, preventing sagging and loose skin. Thought to help scars and skin spots to fade.
Vit E: Not only does it act as an anti-oxidant for skin, it also keeps more perishable oils from oxidizing.

CASTOR OIL: This oil is a super
high in fatty acids, proteins and minerals and it?s high % of Ricinoleic acid helps fight bacteria and inflammation, perfect for cleaning skin. High fatty acids fade scars and moisturize without clogging pours.
KARANJA OIL: This oil is traditionally used in India to treat skin disorders and inflammation.
GRAPESEED OIL: so good for skin, especially for oily or acne prone skin. A very light oil which doesn?t clog pores. One of the highest oils in linoleic acid, thought to be good for acne sufferers who require it to counteract an over abundance of oleic acid.
JOJOBA OIL: Chemically very similar to human sebum. Thought to satisfy the acne causing oil production without clogging pores.
CLEMENTINE AND GRAPEFRUIT ESSENTIAL OILS: Wonderful to smell but also loaded with skin benefits like the antibacterial citric acid and flavonoids thought to reduce environmental damage to the skin.
CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL: Considered a very good cleansing oil with antibacterial properties.
NIAOULI ESSENTIAL OIL: Similar to Tea Tree, often used to treat acne.
SAGE ESSENTIAL OIL: Used as a toning essential oil, thought to reduce the skin?s need to produce oil.
Vit E: Not only does it act as an anti-oxidant for skin, it also keeps more perishable oils from oxidizing.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Skin Type

Oily or Acne Prone, Dry or Mature

32 reviews for OIL FACE CLEANSER and Makeup Remover

  1. tdavis_89 (verified owner)

    Smells really good.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing this.

  3. Marilyn Bemiller (verified owner)

    I am starting to use all things Ziryab on my body now. I love the textures, scents and results of everything I am using now! Thank you Brenda!

  4. Sharon (verified owner)

    This is the facial cleanser that I use daily. It is excellent for make-up removal!!!

  5. Sharon (verified owner)

  6. Krystal D. (verified owner)

    Great for quick removal of makeup after a long day

  7. Adriana D. (verified owner)

    This has helped my skin so much. It did take some getting used to using an oil versus a traditional cleanser but my skin could definitely tell a difference and it shows. Cleans and moisturizes and doesn’t dry out my skin.

  8. Sandy Smith (verified owner)

    This product was a part of my first purchase from Brenda. I discovered these products (and met Brenda) at a Folk Festival in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. From that day on, I have never used soap on my face again. I was skeptical, but it did not take long for me to see the benefits of this Face Cleanser, I will never go back to soap! I use this in the shower (or evening face washing) after I use the Soda Scrub. I put one pump in my palm, rub my hands together and massage all over my face as well as my neck and decolletage (just below your neck). I use my washcloth to just pat my face, I do not rub or scrub with my washcloth.

  9. Margaret G. (verified owner)

    Most amazing product as a cleanser! I had two white eye bumps on my face for years! You know they are gone! Really cleans out your pores! Never used a cleansing oil before it’s amazing! Really transformed my skin! Also a bonus my lines around my eyes are less than ever! My skin really took to this product! I love the way my skin feels afterwards! This is my go to cleanser from now on! Also has a very nice clean smell to it !

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    On 2nd bottle and will continue to order.

  12. Christy K. (verified owner)

    I bought both versions of this cleansing oil since I have aging dry skin that sometimes breaks out. Both make my face feel clean without feeling dry or oily. Love it so far!

  13. Joan (verified owner)

    Havn’t used enough to comment

  14. Rachel (verified owner)

  15. Ashlynne NY

    This oil has got my skin feeling SO SOFT! And it has a great scent as well!

  16. Cherie IA

  17. Jennifer hallie TX

    Used my oil face cleanser for the first time today….I loved it left my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized and not oily at all???

  18. Delisa TX

    Love this!! Smells very nice.

  19. Fin AK

    Feels so nice on my skin and you can feel how moisturizing it is!!

  20. Ashley IL

    Loving this product so far! It smells amazing and leaves my face feeling so smooth and not dry ??

  21. Rebekah MN

    It works so great! Doesn’t make me break out at all!

  22. Lisa CT

    I have used this once, and like it very much so far. Thank you!

  23. Alisha ID

    So far it’s good. I have to use about 4 1/2 pumps so I can massage it into my makeup without it pulling my skin. I’m trying to find a replacement for my old makeup remover that costed double the price. This stuff is good just doesn’t work so well on masca

  24. Dana NV

    I have noticed my skin not being as stripped when I wash my face. It is a bit drying for my combination skin; however I think I’ll just get the anti-aging one and alternate because the cleanser is great. nnUpdate tried the one for aged skin. Beautiful p

  25. Audrey MT

    This stuff is amazing. Perfect for cleaning off the grime of the day. My skin feels clean and pampered. I have used oil cleansers before but this one is my new favorite!

  26. Jennifer FL

    Nice packaging. My order came in a timely manner and a sample of their natural deodorant was included. I’m trying oil cleansing for the first time and so far my face is responding well. I loved the deodorant sample too. No complaints here! I will definite

  27. Grace IL

    Leaves my skin feeling radiant in a bright new way, and very soft! The scent is very therapeutic and I respect the effects. Also, has not broken me out! I am impressed.

  28. Jill PA

    This is a very good cleansing oil, never used this method before but it works and helps clear up my hormonal acne, GREAT PRODUCT! Thank you so much…. )

  29. Natalie WI

    I use this stuff as a moisturizer after I wash and tone my face. And, my skin has never been better. Literally, nothing I’ve ever tried has given me such visible results. I’ve had constant cystic acne on my chin/jaw for the past year and I’m happy to say

  30. Wing Yu WA

    Thank you! It removes my makeup well, clear up my blemishes. My face feels so clean (but not dry ) afterward.

  31. Brandy FL

    I LOVE this cleanser! The smell is fantastic & it feels wonderful on your face. Two days later and my skin is already showing less blackheads and clogged pours. It also arrived quickly with a awesome sample!

  32. Christina AZ

    First and foremost, this product smells amazing! My parents love to compliment me on it haha.nI ruined my skin with my previous cleanser therefore, this cleanser gave me a few pimples for roughly the first week of use. (I have sensitive/oily skin) Howeve

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