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Soap for Loving Self-Care Gift Box

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Soap for Loving Self-Care Gift Box


Soap for Loving Self-Care Gift Box


Soap for Loving Self-Care Gift Box makes it easy for you to treat yourself with kindness, to remind yourself you are lovable and to pamper yourself.  It also makes a wonderful gift to someone so they can treat themselves kindly, remind them they are lovable and help them pamper themselves.

Lavender Soap for Loving Self-care

100% real Lavender relaxes and makes you feel better. Studies support this and have found that real lavender has beneficial influence on both neurological and psychological disorders. Studies suggest it not only has a beneficial influence on the quality of life, feelings of well-being and sleep. It was even considered as effective as lorazepam in one study!

Eucalyptus Olive Oil Soap for Loving Self-care

Good for skin, breathing and mood. Eucalyptus is a traditional healing plant by Australian First Peoples since their history began and was recorded as an valuable treatment for illness by the English in 1778. It has been proven to have antiseptic properties and it is also used as a chest rub and a rub for sore muscles too. One study found that those who had undergone knee surgery and who smelled Eucalyptus experienced significantly less pain while it surprisingly lowered their blood pressure as well.  Olive Leaf is a great addition to soap. It reduces inflammation and acts as an antioxidant.

Sage Soap for Loving Self-care

Sage is a sacred herb in most Native American traditions for good reason. It is possible that sage holds healing for many issues both of the mind and body. For me, I see it as a cleansing herb both physically and emotionally  This wonderful article in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Lemongrass’s Role in Loving Self-care

While many fragrances have a positive effect on our psychology, perhaps the most universal one is the smell of citrus. This might explain why Lemongrass is our best selling soap. It helps it is made from 100% pure lemongrass essential oil and ground lemongrass herbs. Lemongrass, relieves stress, reduces anxiety and even helps with depression. The list of cultures who use lemongrass for a variety of reasons is extensive. Check this article out to learn more!

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