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SUNFLOWER FACE LOTION with Zinc Oxide, Sunflower Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

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This non-comedogenic face lotion is made to protect your face from the elements of sun, salt, dust, water, wind and pollution.


SUNFLOWER FACE LOTION with Zinc Oxide, Sunflower Oil and Hemp Seed Oil



I needed a summertime face lotion that wasn’t too oily, didn’t break me out but moisturized, healed and gave me some protection from the drying sun and air of the southwest where I live.

I chose to make the Sunflower Face Lotion with zinc oxide because it is the safest, healthiest natural sunblock available. It’s so gentle, safe and soothing we use it in creams for babies bottoms. Zinc Oxide is an important ingredient in many ointments for skin conditions as well. I use a non-nano zinc oxide although it tends to be whiter than the nano-zinc oxide. I chose the non-nano type because I was uncomfortable working with nano-particles in our kitchen. Breathing nano particles is probably bad for lungs. Using 10% zinc oxide in my lotion will help protect my skin from the sun while allowing me to avoid applying chemicals around my mouth and eyes. However, it is not to be considered an adequate sunscreen and has no official SPF. All sunscreens must be tested in laboratories and certified by the FDA to make any claim of sun-protection. This is for good reason. Formulating sunscreens is a complex science that most people who hand make products can’t duplicate. If we can, then A good example of the complexity of sunscreens can be found by reading this study: In Vitro Testing of Zinc Oxide Sunscreens.

Aloe Juice instead of water because I find it soothing and healing.

I picked the oils for their ability to moisturize while not feeling greasy and being good oils to use when skin is exposed to more sun. I chose my emulsifiers for their glide on skin and added Panthenol (Vit B12).

I also added the healing and restorative precious oils of Carrot Seed, Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip Oils, all of which are especially good at healing sun damage.

My lotion is 10% Zinc Oxide because I believe it will protect my skin from the sun somewhat while allowing me to avoid applying chemicals around my mouth and eyes. BUT, please note, my lotion has not been tested for official sun protection and is not recognized by the FDA as an adequate sun protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

This lotion is thick and a little dry which is perfect for summer. It can be applied on after a face serum or on damp skin. It will go on somewhat white, which is perfectly natural, but won’t be noticeable if applied lightly. Take a dry cloth and simply pat lightly where the white remains visible after application. Make up and foundation can be applied over top.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Juice, 100% Pure Zinc Oxide (non nano) at 10%, Myrrh Resin, Non-GMO Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Babassu Oil, E-Wax, Panthenol, BTMS, Macadamia Nut Oil, Stearic Acid, Vegetable Glycerin, Karanja Oil, Rose Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Turmeric Powder, Optiphen Plus Preservative, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Vit E and Vetivar Essential Oil.

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Weight 10 oz

10 reviews for SUNFLOWER FACE LOTION with Zinc Oxide, Sunflower Oil and Hemp Seed Oil

  1. Maria Isabel Solorio (verified owner)

    I just started using this one a few days ago and so far no bad reaction it’s very lightweight and moisturizing I also use it under light makeup and it pairs really well

  2. Paula (verified owner)

    Finally I have a product to protect me from the sun That feels great on my face with no reaction

  3. Sarah H. (verified owner)

    Lovely natural scent, great barrier against wind and sun, blurs pores even! Great for summer and nice, clean ingredients.

  4. Sarah (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty wonderful. It goes on with a lovely citrus-y burst from the frankincense that disappears in ten minutes. This reminds me of an old school vanishing cream as it vanishes into the skin, leaving a light barrier against makeup, wind and sun. It also has an unexpected benefit: its the best natural non-comedogenic blurring cream I’ve ever used. Evens skin tone, lines and pores without silicones while lightly nourishing skin.

  5. Joanne Spevack (verified owner)

  6. Marilyn Bemiller (verified owner)

    I am starting to use all things Ziryab on my body now. I love the textures, scents and results of everything I am using now! Thank you Brenda!

  7. Rowan C. (verified owner)

    Leaves my skin soft and protected all day! No issue with the zinc being visible either.

  8. Rosemary M. (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was hesitant because of the white zinc, but it is no problem. Give it a few minutes and it goes away.

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