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My Rashes

I’ve been using my deodorant for much longer then I’ve been selling it, about 5 years longer.  Over those years, i have rashed about 4 times. I wish I could remember what I did exactly to get through it. I suspect I just use much less and diluted it with Aloe.

I have no idea why I rashed and no idea if I just got used to the deodorant or it was just a temporary body chemistry thing or what.

I also wish I knew if a person can work through the rashing. As a responsible person, I can not tell you that there is a way to work out the rashing so you can continue to use baking soda based deodorants. I can ask that is anyone out there has any insight or experience with rashing and what ended up working for them, I appreciate you sharing it with me.

Meanwhile, read my other posts on rashing for further insight.