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Rosemary Hair Growth Stimulator

Rosemary: Traditional Hair Growth Stimulator

10488017_f260I love everything about rosemary and my instincts tell me it is a very healthy plant for us.  Instinct aside, a little research backs me up. Rosemary not only is a traditional hair growth stimulator but also used to alleviate pain, boost immune system, improve circulation and help memory. Rosemary contains phenolic Acids which are the main polyphenols in plants and act as a way to defend againts pathogens.

Plants and herbs consumed by humans may contain thousands of different phenolic acid and flavonoid components. The effect of dietary phenolics is currently of great interest due to their antioxidative and possible anticarcinogenic activities. Phenolic acids and flavonoids also function as reducing agents, free radical scavengers, and quenchers of singlet oxygen formation. See Source

Not only does Rosemary give great flavor in cooking and food, it offers us a very important health benefit – Bitter Diterpenes and Triterpene. Our sweet obsesses culture often does not get enough of the beneficial qualities of food classified as bitter.

Grow Your Own Rosemary

Growing Rosemary can be pretty easy with the right environment. It doesn’t like to be too wet and enjoys hot climates but can withstand winters.

To learn how to grow your own rosemary plants from cuttings, go to this site: How to Take Rosemary Cuttings.

And please note, while there is little doubt the the use of purchased hormone rooting powder will help your Rosemary plants take hold, you might try making your own from honey, cinnamon, aspirin, willow tree bark, apple cider vinegar or even, yes, your own saliva. I haven’t tried any of these yet but for more information see this website:


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