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Silver City Co-op Selling ZirYab’s Products!

We’re so thrilled to announce that you can now purchase some of your favorite products at the Silver City Co-op.

Siver City Food Coop Front of Store520 N. Bullard Street
Silver City, New Mexico



Monday thru Saturday open from 9 am until 7 pm
Sunday open from 11 am to 5 pm

This is the town’s beloved purveyor of healthy products. Not only do they carry our products but you can find many local farmer’s vegetables and other makers wares there.

If you are ever in town, you must check out the Silver City Co-op.   Not only have they managed to offer a great variety of products, they represent local vendors. You’ll also sense what a social hub it is in Silver City.

Local strength is the founding ideal of the Silver City Co-op. It represents one of the first waves of people joining together to get healthier food to their community. At that time, forming co-operatives to improve food quality was an innovation that was newly sweeping the country. (for a more in depth perspective see here) Our Co-op was one of the earliest. Formed in1974 by a group of dedicated people, they used the power of numbers to collectively order food from Tucson and shared the task of driving there to pick it up. It was a successful model and eventually became the storefront and non-profit corporation it is today, thanks to their founders and the support of many volunteers over the years.

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