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What to Do When You Experience Allergic Reactions

We can all experience Allergic Reactions to ingredients even when they are natural. These reactions can be real allergies or sensitivities. You can be born with them, they can develop over time and sometimes they can disappear. Often people believe that they experiencing an allergic reaction when trying a baking soda based deodorant. This isn’t accurate.

Track Possible Allergens

If you experience a reaction to any product made by me or anyone else, I strongly recommend writing down the ingredient list. Often it only takes a few ingredient lists to narrow down the possible culprit. Taking a picture of the ingredient list also works. Contacting the maker to ask them for the list may also work.

A customer’s ability to track down the ingredients that might have caused allergic reactions is so important that the FDA made is a law that everyone needs to list their significant ingredients in topically applied products. Many many makers defy this law knowing that the FDA does not have the manpower or funding to ensure everyone complies.

I would not purchase a product that does not list the ingredients. I’ve become alert to how many disreputable companies try to fool customers by offering only a featured ingredient list or some other clever wording meant to fool us into thinking the product only contains certain ingredients.

Know Your Rights

If the ingredients are not listed on the bottle any maker is legally obligated to tell you the ingredients if you request it, whether you’ve purchased the product or not. However, I have requested several makers to provide this list when trying to track down a customers reason for having an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the companies that don’t list their ingredients also have no shame in lying or refusing to list the ingredients, often with the excuse that the recipe is proprietary or a family secret.. The FDA has only granted trade secret status to one product in the last 20 years except in the case of fragrances.

Essential Oils do contain allergens, meaning that some people can experience allergic reactions. It is believed that using full strength or extra strong essential oils can lead to sensitivities to certain components found in essential oils.

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