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Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

JUNE 3, 2022

For some time we’ve not had indoor shopping at Ziryabs. For almost 2 years we felt it was safest to offer pick up or free shipping to locals area customers. 

Now we are presented with a few other new challenges which are keeping us from welcoming indoor customers.

  1. We are so grateful to be very very busy with online orders. Our increased business from internet sales has meant we’ve needed more space for products and supplies than we have space for. So we’re using the front sales room as a stock room so it isn’t able to welcome customers at this time.
  2. We need to stretch our time to meet the increased sales and the challenges of the disruption to international supply chains. I’ve been spending a majority of my time managing orders of materials while Hallie manages increased production demands and Kevin is a great deal of his day doing the shipping. This means it’s difficult to give indoor customers the time we’d like to give them.
  3. The search for the right employees is also a challenge for us at this time, we could really use help. So if you are interested in joining our small team of three, let us know. We could really use a versatile person who wants to be a part of our growing small business.

We’re please to let our customers know that we are planning to open a downtown shop in November across from the Toad, where the democratic party is right now. 

For free shipping in New Mexico or curbside pickup visit our shop or call us at 575-519-4704. For pick up just leave a note on your order letting us know when you’d like to pick up (for same day pick up, please call ahead). We’ll text you confirmation.






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