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Shws the Bug Me Not Spray

Natural Mosquito Repellent

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Repelling Mosquitoes and Ticks Naturally

I created my Bug Me Not spray for the purpose of repelling mosquitoes and ticks naturally with the highest content and largest mix of oils and essential oils that I am comfortable wearing directly on my skin. According to most research and anecdotal reports, natural bug repellents work just as

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Mend Me Jar Healing for Cracked and Extremely Dry Hands

Deep Healing for Cracked and Extremely Dry Hands

Winter used to make my hands painfully dry. My fingers would crack and refuse to heal. Good lotions didn’t seem to help, the benefits would be gone in minutes. So I made Mend Me, a lotion with deep healing for cracked and extremely dry hands. A good winter butter shouldn’t

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Fight Fungus Better with Arsenal of Natural Ingredients

The Fight against Fungus Improve your fight against fungus by hitting it with all you’ve got. Why hold back with such an irritating invader? Skin fungal infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm, and nail fungus are easy to pick up but hard to get rid of.    Tinea pedis, tinea unguium,

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Pine Tar to Relieve Eczema and Dermatitis

Try Pine Tar Pine Tar comes from heating pine to a high temperature. Pitch drips from the wood and is collected. . Although different tars have been used to relieve eczema and other skin disorders – including coal tar – pine tar is considered the safest. It isn’t fully understand

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