ZirYab’s Body Brew Store

ZirYab’s Body Brew Store

ZirYab’s Body Brew Store and Workshop

Where we make and sell our natural deodorant, soap, salve and lotion.

Silver City, New Mexico,

1330 Grant Street
Silver City, New Mexico 88061

(Holiday and until further notice) are:
Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm
call: 575-519-4704 or email brenda at ziryabs.com

We’re across from Penny Park.

The great response Ziryab’s Body Brew Natural Deodorant received while I was in San Diego, CA and Yuma, AZ and the incredible popularity and great reviews we’re enjoying on our Online Store has allowed my husband and I to give up our hectic city life, Kevin’s job at a law firm, and a BIG mortgage to pursue our dream of growing our little natural deodorant business to a full-time and sustaining endeavor. Every choice we’ve made so far always focuses on supporting our existing online clients, continuing and even improving our online customer service and products while spreading the word about our natural deodorant and other body products. We see this small shop here in Silver City as a way to do this in an enjoyable and synergistic way.

Having  a permanent home that is exclusively set up to make ZirYab’s Body Brew Natural Deodorant, soaps, salves and lotions – among other things – will allow me so much greater efficiency, creativity and, well, joy!  First, the shop and kitchen are open to each other so I can interact with visitors while making products at the same time. I am a people person and direct interaction teaches me so much about what people want and need from their products and the information they need to use them.  What I learn by interacting with people will give me the ability to improve my services online.

A view of ZirYab's shop. You can see the counter and the kitchen behind. To the left is a shelf with the Natural deodorant.
You can see the counter that Kevin built and I stained. Behind it you can just see the kitchen we fixed up just for the making of Ziryab Body Brew Natural Deodorant and other Products.

It might sound strange, but having a place to display my products allows me a way to interact with them,  learn about them and come up with ideas.  Coming up with ideas and researching the best way to make products is only a small part of what I do. I also need to believe in everything I sell and know how to talk about it to others.  The displays act as a beginning of a conversation with my imagined customers and it is tremendously helpful. Below you can see a wall where we hope to load up shelves with ZirYab products.


Having a great kitchen , along with storage and packing rooms, will make it possible for my husband and I to do our work more easily, better and with more fun. I don’t have a great picture of the kitchen but here is a great shop of the steel counters Kevin built for me. Wonderful for making natural deodorant, soap, salve and lotion! He also built shelves galore and is still working on more.

The beginning of my kitchen to make my natural deodorant, soaps, salves and lotions.

The shop will allow me to interact with people who live in Silver City, Bayard, Hurley, Mimbres and other locals in Grant county and south west New Mexico. The Silver City folks do a stupendous job of offering great events for tourists all year long and it is a major reason we chose Silver City (along with good people, beautiful  county and wonderful weather), to see what I mean look at Silver City Visitor’s Center site.

Finally, this little shop will allow Kevin and I to work together doing what we love to do and what we’re good at. That has got to make for better business, doesn’t it?

Kevi and I X 012

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