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Ziryab Playing Lyre a picture representing The Heart and Soul of Ziryabs Products

Ziryab wasn’t only the Inventor of Deodorant and Toothpaste

Ziryab Playing Lyre

I named the company after Ziryab because he is an inspiring figure who was brilliant musician, inventor and social innovator.  Among his many achievements, we credit Ziryab as the inventor of deodorant and toothpaste, as well as introducing the use of cosmetics and perfumes in the Andalusian court.

He was born in Baghdad probably in 789 and his birth name was Abul-Hasan Alí Ibn Nafbut.  Often referred to as a slave, we aren’t certain what his social status was. I suspect this term probably had different inferences during those times. We do know he studied under one of the famous musicians of Iraq. At point he left Baghdad and found himself in Spain. Historians find him often referred to in history of Cordoba in 822 where he performed in the court for the Caliph.

Revered for his musical talents, Ziryab knew 10,000 songs and is famous for adapting the lute to expand its technical capabilities. He was also a cultural aficionado and deeply influenced social norms that continue to exist today, (albawaba)

Ziryab means Blackbird. This nickname refers to his beautiful singing voice and dark, handsome complexion. 

Golden Age of Islam

While there is no conclusive history of Ziryab’s life, most scholars agree on is that he had enormous and lasting influence on Spanish culture. Most notably on Spanish music and customs.  Famous as the inventor of of deodorant and toothpaste, his name is esteemedfor his for influence on Spanish Classical music. His countless contributions to the Andalusian royal society make him one of the most influential courtiers of all time.

He began as an African slave who’s beautiful voice and interpretive skill earned him the nickname Blackbird.  Not only did he revolutionize music of the time, he invented deodorant and toothpaste or at least popularized the use of these and other cosmetic and perfumes.

He also introduced changing clothing styles for different seasons, bangs, place setting and more.

I started the company in 2012 to share my handmade deodorant to everyone who might need it as much as I did. My deodorant changed my life – I thought there might be other people who would find it changed theirs too!  For the company, I’m in charge of research and development as well as design. I also make products.

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