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Deodorant Free Samples – PACK OF THREE

(80 customer reviews)

Best deal on the planet of you need a natural deodorant that really works and want to try it. This deodorant is ONLY for people who really, really need deodorant. Not sure you do? Then you probably don’t but if you want to try it first in all three scents, order this. We limit how many you can order because we make no money on it.


Deodorant Free Samples – PACK OF THREE


You will get 3 generous sized samples in sealed pouches. These are food grade, FDA approved 2.5″ x 5.5″ Foil pouches

I provide large samples so you can make sure you like it and it agrees with your sensitive underarm skin. Some people find baking soda deodorants too alkaline for their skin’s Ph. (Luckily, these are the same people that tend to have less issues with body odor. For these people I make my Mineral Deodorant roll-on. See my website on information on why some people might rash using Baking Soda:

Please visit my review page for testimonials about my deodorant, I am honored that so many people have taken the time to give me feedback.
You’ll need a paper clip or something to keep the sample closed and put it in a cup to keep it upright. Alternatively, you might want to pour the sample in a travel sized bottle so it can be shaken. Give the sample package some shaking before opening.

We can only send one of these batches of three samples to any one customer.

This is the deodorant that taught me that there is natural and safe ingredients throughout our world’s cultural traditions that offer better healthier,
easier and more effective solutions to everyday problems then we are being offered in stores and by big corporations. It took me several years to embrace the path the deodorant has lead me on but I am now offering it to the world.

Making my original deodorant changed my life and not because I now have a whole company with it as the staring lead but because I was always obsessed with fighting my own body odor. Out of the shower, I’d slather on two different brands of antiperspirant. I’d put on a carefully selected shirt that didn’t show sweat stained because I sweat so much. Before I left the house I’d make sure I always had a third brand of antiperspirant in my purse – which I’d apply about 6 hours after my shower. If it was going to be a long day (more than 8 or 10 hours) I’d try to bring an extra shirt, a wash cloth and TWO brands of antiperspirant and use these to try to freshen up. Staying clean smelling was a constant theme for me that was always present and had enormous impact on my social life. Then, everything changed when I whipped up a batch of deodorant in my bathroom. I thought I was sort of following a recipe I’d read on the internet (turns out I got a bit confused and made it wrong – lucky me!). I thought that my potion would maybe help as an addition to my existing routine. It took me a long time to be certain that my deodorant was actually working as well as I thought it was working. About 16 months after that first batch, I finally felt confident enough to throw out my cache (20 or so) of unused and half used brand name antiperspirants.

Once I decided I had to share this deodorant with the world, I had to figure out why the deodorant worked and why the basic principles behind the effectiveness of the deodorant was such a big secret. It turns out, body odor is caused by acid loving bacteria. My deodorant made an environment that the acid loving bacteria couldn’t grow in. Why don’t the big corporations make a deodorant like mine if it is so awesome? Well, THAT is a fascinating discussion which I get into in more depth on my web site However, the short answer is profitability first. Secondly, trying to produce antiperspirants that would suit every single person every single time. Once I had some understanding of the situation, I launched ZirYab’s Body Brew Deodorant.

Ziryab’s Body Brew Deodorant is for the following people: Those who struggle with body odor issues and find that even store brand, extra strength antiperspirants and deodorants (even when double or triple layered) don’t help you stay fresh all day (let alone into the night!); for those who just want a supper effective natural deodorant that really will work for them even on heavy sweating days; for people who hate the yellow staining under the arms that seems to come from wearing antiperspirants; for people who suffer from cutaneous granulomas caused by the aluminum-zirconium complex in antiperspirants; for people concerned with exposing themselves and/or their adolescent children to the chemicals found in antiperspirants.

ZirYab’s Body Brew is different because it comes in a fast-drying lotion form without the need for special applicators or specialty roll-on bottles. All you need to do is squeeze a little bit on a palm, rub your hands together to spread it out, wipe under your arms, wipe any remainder anywhere on your body (or a towel if you insist and done! There is nothing left on your hands that needs to be washed off, it just leaves your hands feeling perhaps a little softer and smelling a little fresher. Any residual will dust off in a minute or two. Meanwhile, what goes on wet, dries very fast – within 20 seconds – and you are ready to put on clothes. There is no stickiness and cloth won’t stick to your underarms. The deodorant isn’t like a mud or paste that crumbles when applying or needs strong rubbing to spread. The deodorant isn’t so oily as to make your pits feel slippery, uncomfortable and threaten to stain your shirt. And it stays put under your arm, no need to reapply, even after sweating. Best of all, if you find that the deodorant is too strong for you, you can dilute it with everyday household liquid like, say, water or get fancy and dilute with aloe, coconut oil, with hazel, milk of magnesium, rose water, lotion?. Whatever would be comfortable under your arms. My deodorant doesn’t seem to go bad and if you forget to shake the bottle or let it dry out, you can always add liquid and rehydrate. And it even get better because 6 oz lasts around 3 months for the average person but can last much longer if you find you need less.

The ingredients are pretty simple and vary by which one you choose but the Original has: Aloe Vera Juice (good for skin, gentle), Baking Soda (Raises the alkaline so the acid loving bacteria has can’t grow. Baking Soda is aluminum free, always has been), Tapioca (dries excess sweat, keeps deodorant nice and thick. Tapioca is always non-gmo), Witch Hazel (it an astringent-it tighten your pores so minimizes sweating and acts as a antibacterial), Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil, Bentonite Clay (absorbs wetness), Frankincense Powder, Tea Tree Oil (an antibacterial), Neem Oil, (an antibacterial)T-50 Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) Xanthan Gum (thickener), Essential Oils

I am not big enough to make this outside of our little shop in Silver City New Mexico. I make it all myself by hand. My husband Kevin fills and labels the bottles and does all the shipping (He is awesome!)

All you need to do is squeeze a little bit on a palm, rub your hands together to spread it out, wipe under your arms, wipe any remainder anywhere on your body (or a towel if you insist and done! There is nothing left on your hands that needs to be washed off, it just leaves your hands feeling perhaps a little softer and smelling a little fresher. Any residual will dust off in a minute or two. Meanwhile, what goes on wet, dries very fast – within 20 seconds – and you are ready to put on clothes. If you notice any rashing or reddening, this is likely due because the deodorant has pushed your alkaline tolerance above its preferred place. Luckily, this is good news, just let your underarms recover from any over doing it and lessen the amount you use, either by diluting with the above mentioned liquids or using less. I have more hints and discussions about this on my website

Keep in mind, in order to be as ecologically supportive as possible, we sell refill bags in 10 and 16 oz sizes to save the need for more bottles.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

80 reviews for Deodorant Free Samples – PACK OF THREE

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    the scents smell really nice. however I had a and reaction to a couple them and got really bad chemical burns. I guess I must be allergic to a ingredient. I didn’t try the rest.

  2. Leah Prestwood (verified owner)

  3. Brent (verified owner)

    Love the deodorant but I got the wrong type of sample. I thought the Jar deodorant was part of the 3 pack

  4. Paula Bryder (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried them yet

  5. Joanne Spevack (verified owner)

  6. David Townsley (verified owner)

  7. David Townsley (verified owner)

  8. Dane Palmer (verified owner)

    This stuff works way better than any other natural deodorant Ive tried. The citrus is great.

  9. Heidi Groves (verified owner)

  10. Robin M. (verified owner)

    Like to use these when I travel

  11. Demitra (verified owner)

  12. Desiree V. (verified owner)

  13. Krystal D. (verified owner)

  14. Kimberly B. (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd purchase, I’m making my way through all the products to find my favorites. I’ve been pleased with every purchase. It’s packaged great, speedy shipping and customer service is the best. Every order I’ve received came with a hand written note!

  15. Bernadine Pacheco (verified owner)

    Excited to try also

  16. Lidia (verified owner)

    I am most positive this would have been fantastic but… I have no idea where they went so I haven’t tried them! Definitely on me, since I do believe I saw them in my package. Haha! I will edit this if I find them and get to use!

  17. Laura B. (verified owner)

  18. Lord Doolittle (verified owner)

  19. Leah (verified owner)

    Love the deodorant! It works really, really well and I only have to apply once a day 🙂 Also, no irritation at all! Will be back for more!

  20. Pam (verified owner)

    This item is a great ‘perk’ for shopping with you!

  21. Allison (verified owner)

    im so addicted to the frankincense deodorant i thought i would try other fragrance ones….they reallly are all soooo good and love love the smell

  22. Daniela L. (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. gail d. (verified owner)

  25. Angela G. (verified owner)

    Love, love, love the natural deodorant. The sample size is enough for at least a week, if not two.

  26. Lydia (verified owner)

    I LOVE the deodorant, it is so soft on my skin, smells great, and works for a full day.

  27. Dawn (verified owner)

  28. Kim Jensen (verified owner)

    Perfect for sharing with friends

  29. Robyn (verified owner)

    Nice size on the samples!

  30. garene (verified owner)

    I’ve previously tried the unscented sample. It worked amazingly and thought to try out some of the scented ones. They worked just as well and smelled great, but sadly after a couple days I was having some reactions to them.

  31. Milla VA

    So far so good! I’ve tried many natural deodorants and none have held up as long as this one has. I LOVE the flower garden smell. I wish they had it in a perfume I just want to bathe in it. Gave my mom the citrus garden sample to try and she’s hooked! 4 s

  32. Steven WV

    Enjoyed using it. Will use again once samples are used up.

  33. Kelsey TX

    Great deal for trying something new before purchasing full size. Shipping was fast, and packaging was nice. I feel like this shop really cares about their customers and their products. Unfortunately, I realized I have a very bad, almost immediate reaction

  34. Remy SC

    Wow, these are very nice so far! Shipping was super quick. Haven’t gotten around to all three, but did open the floral and original and put them in empty bottles to try out over a couple of days. Doesn’t bother my skin, and the scents last impressively lo

  35. Nuridia MT

    I am so happy with this deodorant!!! I’ve been trying to find a more natural deodorant for months. I found some that worked but usually I had to reapply a couple times or the deodorant stained my clothes. This stuff works all day and even survived a long

  36. Katie TX

    I’ve never found a natural deodorant that’s actually worked for me. I was surprised to find that these samples really do work. The original scent lasts the longest, but I’m partial to flower garden because I love rose scents. However, the flower garden wi

  37. Paper Moon CA

    Love these samples so much! There is a lot of product per packet, which has been really helpful for deciding which scent works best. For me, I found the original scent seems to lasts longer. The flower garden smells amazing but is kind of faint and I woul

  38. Rebecca PA

    Wow!! I am beyond impressed with this natural deodorant, I have tried many in the past and all have left me applying regular deodorant by noon time. This stays fresh all day, even when I sweating pretty bad. Just got more samples for friends that I know w

  39. Heather FL

    A+++Love the sample pack! Best deodorant I have tried! Thank you 😉

  40. Gwen NY

    Literally the best deodorant I have ever used. I can’t recommend it highly enough and now am pushing it on my entire family! THANK YOU

  41. G.N. CA

    This deodorant is great! I sweat in my sleep (even in the winter), and this deodorant lasted through the night; I woke up smelling like the bottom notes of the scent instead of some horrid blend of my body odor + essential oils. The original scent happens

  42. Melissa S AE

    I have been using this deodorant for nearly 4 weeks and I love it! I have been using natural deodorants for years and this is the best I’ve found. Usually I have to use 2 products (a spray on liquid and also a solid) to give me all day coverage. This p

  43. Katherine NY

    I’ve been hesitant to try a natural deodorant because I’ve been using clinical strength deodorants for years. But I’ve been trying to be more conscious of what products I’m putting on and in my body, and when I saw this shop offering free samples, I said

  44. Saori HI

    This works well, thank you!

  45. Dana NV

    So. I couldn’t use the product because it did cause irritation immediately. I tried 4 times in case it was just an adjustment but unfortunately not. The 5 stars is because it was my body’s sensitivity and not the product. I love this company. They always

  46. Heather NY

    This is amazing! I’ve only been using this for a few days but already I see a big difference! None of the commercial deodorants have been working for me anymore (I’ve tried almost every type out there) but this started working from day one and lasts all d

  47. Melanie AZ

    I liked the result from these sample packs, I ordered a travel size to put it to the test long-term. Thank you! Shipped fast too!

  48. Lauren Christine TX

    Actually works!!!! Wowww first natural deodorant ive found that works all day and ive been searching for 5 years.

  49. Vanessa MA

    Once again- excellent!

  50. Kelly NY

    The samples arrived very quickly. My favorite was the original blend. I have tried so many different types of natural deodorants, even layering a couple at a time, and this is a miracle! Just a small amount keeps me fresh all day, which is such a relief.

  51. Julia WA

    Seems to work great so far! either leaves no residue on clothes or at least very little compared with Schmidts.rnrnMy only minor complaint is that it doesnt smell as wonderful as various competitors. Instead its kind of an odd, smell, that partly hide

  52. Carson GA

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem to stay on quite long enough. By the end of the day, it’s gone. While it’s on though, it smells wonderful!

  53. Frank X MS

    Seemed like overnight delivery; generous samples, at least 3 applications in one ‘bag’. nI tried the Original first it kept me dry and ODOR-free in a dropped-RX> crisis. Very impressive. nI will certainly try the other flavors after finishing the Origin

  54. Shinyl CA

    I ordered this sample pack to see which would work best & original beat them by a long shot. citrus grove smelled wonderful & lasted second best, with the floral blend lasting only a couple hours. nnI found that letting it dry after a shower before putt

  55. Mason MA

    I have seemingly hyperhidrosis and have tried EVERYTHING! This deodorant is a miracle. I am finally confident. I love earthy scents so I loved the floral one and original just as much. I’m telling you- I am an employee of Lush- I love natural products- b

  56. Guilmarie NJ

    This sample pack is exactly what you need if you are looking into a natural deodorant and are unsure which one to choose. I read the description and the promises and I was sold. I bought these with a lot of fate. After pregnancy I have some unwanted odor

  57. Becky IA

    Didn’t work as well for me as other natural deodorants, but intriguing scents. Loved the zero residue!! Thanks for letting me try.

  58. Silvia CA

    It arrived on time and the deodorant really works, even during the summer. The original is probably my favorite so far.

  59. Hannah PA

    Arrived quickly and product is just as described. Unfortunately my skin reacted badly to the baking soda so I can’t comment on how effective the deodorant is!

  60. Sarah CT

  61. Lydia CA

    I’ve used this now for several days and love it! I know I’ll be purchasing this when I get down to two packs. nI used to use the bad stuff then switched to plain baking soda and washing several times a day but that gets old!nnThank you for making a gre

  62. Chester OH

    This was a wonderful way to test the deodorants. The Flower Garden smelled lovely and worked great with no odor at all, even if I sweated. I however had a reaction to the baking soda. So I tried a organic apple cider vinegar armpit detox to balance my pH

  63. Angela CA

    I first tried their unscented deodorant which I liked, but I thought I would try the other scents in hopes of maybe they would have a longer lasting effect on me. So glad I did, because Flower Garden works better with my body chemistry. I love the scent (

  64. Sharon MI

    I like the scents and the coverage however my body didn’t. Severe skin reaction, most likely to the sodium bicarbonate. nGreat product if you aren’t sensitive to baking soda.

  65. sonya CA

    I’ve been using this product for nearly two weeks and would give it a solid 4 stars. I sweat a decent amount, particularly after riding a few miles to school. When the weather is warm or if wearing a tighter fitting shirt I notice a slight smell after 6-8

  66. Jameelah CA

    Shipped quickly, was happy to find samples and wish more companies would offer them since natural deodorant can be very hit or miss. Goes on feeling grainy but once dry it is unnoticeable and the scent lasts hours after application. Keeps my stink in chec

  67. Aolani VA

    Works very well!! I am deff going to buy the full size product.

  68. megan OH

    This item made me break out under my armpits and it didn’t smell very good at all. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  69. Josh GA

    Purchased sampler. Works as advertised. Plan to purchase larger size.

  70. Amanda KY

    I like the original scent. These were not for me. The other two scents I couldn’t wear.

  71. Kaitlin FL

    First deodorant that has truly worked no matter what material I am wearing!

  72. Lisa GA

    So far it’s awesome! Like, WOW! I’ve been detoxing for a couple months now and had to wash my pits a couple times a day. I tried a different deo and it just wasn’t cutting it. But this stuff really works. Im using the original first and I love the smell o

  73. Antonia TX

    LOVE the original scent! I didn’t care for the floral or citrus, but I love that they are available to sample like this! What a great find!

  74. Sample Container IL

    I have been searching for years for this product. After using several different products this Deodorant actually works at keeping body odor in check. It really works! I have to apply as soon as I get out of a shower and this product has stood up to the

  75. Sara WI

    I love that I was able to order samples to try before knowing if i should purchase a full size bottle. Now that I have tried, I’m a believer. This stuff is amazing, and I’ll never use anything else!

  76. Nichole WA

    Works really well, unfortunately it clogs my pores causing me to have red spots, no other product has ever done that nor did I have a problem with break outs on my under arms before using it, so I definitely won’t be buying the full product. It did what w

  77. Alicia KS

    I am absolutely delighted that I found this deodorant. I recently decided to stop using commercial deodorants and go natural. After attempting to make my own than trying others who made there own this one is the winner. The initial smell is a little off p

  78. Alexa IL

    I can tell this is what I’ve been looking for after just one use! I’ve tried many different natural deodorants, but this is the only one I’ve found that has worked for more than 3 hours. No sweating or smell for 2 whole days! It also cleared up some irrit

  79. Valarie Williams c/o Jade NY

    So far zero bad odor(but I’m also putting cornstarch on top…maybe over the weekend I’ll use it by itself) I don’t like the smell of the original it reminds me of wick fresher my father used years ago…but if that was my only choice I would buy it becau


    Fantastic product. I’ve tried several natural deoderants, and this one has surpassed them all!

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