No Rash Baking Soda Deodorant

No Rash Baking Soda Deodorant

There are Ways to Have No Rash Baking Soda Deodorant

IMG_20121216_121435As you know because you found this post that there is a percentage of people who rash with baking soda deodorants. And I write about this in other posts. This time I want to share solutions my customers found that allowed them to use my deodorant and would probably work for other baking soda deodorants too.  I think because we are all different no one solution is going to fit every person.  We need to recognize ( hopefully just a little bit of) trial and error is necessary for many of us. Sharing what worked for others helps us all add to our repertoire of solutions that might work for us.  Remember to be gentle with your underarms when experimenting with deodorants. It is important to give your underarms a chance to heal  before trying new solutions.  Just like breaking in a pair of shoes or hiking boots. You don’t keep wearing footwear once the blister has happened, you have to let it heal and try again.

Dilute the Deodorant

Kroger Milk of magnesia without sodium hypochloriteBecause I am a copious sweat producer, I needed to make my deodorant pretty strong and then add things that will help my skin accept it (Aloe, Vit. E., Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil, Clay) but it might be too strong for some people. This is such an easy fix though, and helps the deo last longer… Dilute it! I haven’t tried all the ingredients you could use to dilute Ziryab’s deodorant but many of the ideas probably won’t lessen the very long shelf life of the deodorant (unless you put something in it very degradable like milk, cream or avocados!)

Laurie R from Wisconsin writes:

the baking soda tore up my underarms…redness,leathery skin etc. and I’ve never had a problem with baking soda before….just way too much in it. These are symptoms of what baking soda does to many (I looked online) The good news is that this deodorant is SO WORTH looking for a way to make it work….and I did! A little research online and inexpensive trial and error with something made this work. 24 hours later and heavy sweat and still didn’t have odor! The sample size itself is huge…never saw one like it before. I personally love the herbal scent it has as well. I didn’t expect it to work any better than my other favorite from another shop (which is great) but it far exceeds it. Will most definitely buy a bottle when the samples are gone!

I wrote to her and asked her what worked for her and she wrote back and told me, thank you Laurie!

I mixed in a little milk of magnesia. It worked perfectly for me by diluting the baking soda just enough but not taking anything away from the deodorant. Some may not want to use it as m.o.m. contains bleach…but if you can take it internally without dying from it, I myself am not worried about a little of it in deodorant. People may also try magnesium oil…I just didn’t have any. I will be buying a bottle of your deodorant in the near future….thank you it truly is wonderful stuff!

I really admire people like Laurie who do their research and are willing to share their solutions.  I think using Milk of Magnesia is very smart (of course I would because I sell an alternative deo called Mineral Deodorant which has Magnesium Hydroxide as a main ingredient). The reason it worked for Laurie is that Milk of Magnesia is still pretty high alkaline so it dilutes the Baking Soda but only a little bit.   So it is an ingredient that really won’t interfere with the way the deodorant works but might not dilute it enough for some people…  Glad it worked for Laurie and it might work for others too.

About bleach in Milk of Magnesia… Laurie is right about the bleach, sodium hypochlorite.  Probably acting as a preservative.   I am not so sure it is neccessary though nor can I say  whether the chemical is present in a large enough quantity to hurt us but who really knows?  So I think if it is avoidable, avoid it.  The good news is that there are brands that don’t list sodium hypochlorite on their labels.

Dan Wich has very kindly posted on his website Toxinless a list of places that sell Milk of Magnesia without sodium hypochlorite.


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